ANWhatsApp APK Download (Official) AntiBan 2023

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ANWhatsApp APK Download (Official) AntiBan 2023

ANWhatsapp Apk is the best application for users who are finding an alternative to WhatsApp. Since the official version of this app does not have many features that everybody is looking for hence it i

Name AN Whatsapp Apk
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version 36
Size 51.75 MB
Genre Whatsapp
Publisher Ammar Mods
Google Play Link com.anwhatsapp.an4

ANWhatsapp Apk is the best application for users who are finding an alternative to WhatsApp. 

Since the official version of this app does not have many features that everybody is looking for hence it is the most popular alternative to WhatsApp plus apk.

Today we will discuss everything about AN WhatsApp in this article, therefore, read this till the end to get more information.

About ANWhatsapp Apk

Ammar mods has developed it and is the modified version of the original version of WhatsApp.One interesting fact about this developer is that he has created 10 different versions of the official version.

All versions have their unique features and you can decide which one is better for you.

Many users are choosing ANWhatsapp only because of its own unique features like auto-reply, auto-disappearing messages, and anti-delete and read deleted messages.

Auto Reply

It is the best feature because, with the auto-reply feature, you can reply to anyone without touching your phone. I mean even when you don’t have time to reply.

The auto-reply is an auto-message feature whenever anybody will message you, you can set auto-reply with one message and it will send to everybody who sends a message to you.

For example

Person A is using AN Whatsapp and he turned on the auto-reply feature now whenever he is busy or not charging his phone or is out of coverage

If anybody will send a message to person A they will get an auto-reply message with whatever Person A is written and added.

Auto Disappearing Message

In the Auto Disappearing feature, if you send a message to your friends and want to delete that message at a certain time then you can choose this feature.

Whenever you send a message, you can fix the time when the timer is over your sent message will be deleted automatically.

Anti Delete

It is the most common feature that can be discovered in any WhatsApp mod. It means you can get anti delete feature in every WhatsApp version like GB WhatsAppFM WhatsApp, or JT Whatsapp.

Read Deleted Chats

This feature allows you to easily read messages that have been deleted by the sender.

Like your friends wanted to say something to you but suddenly they decide to delete the message then you can still read with this version.

How to install ANWhatsapp APK?

It is not tough to install this app on your mobile phone just follow some steps given below for installing the app without losing any chats.

  • If you have already allowed unknown sources, you can skip otherwise allow it from setting> Advanced Options> Unknown Sources. It helps you to install any app from outside of the google play store.
  • Now find the AN WhatsApp app from your download folders if you have downloaded it from our website
  • And then tap on the install button and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Also, you need to give permission for the microphone, contacts, and camera.
  • Now you can enter your mobile number to register and start using AN WhatsApp apk.


Whenever you install any version of this app on your mobile phone don’t uninstall the old version,You can install the app even if you have the old version to avoid losing your chats or take a proper backup of your chats before installing ANWhatsapp.

Cool Features

  • Take Backup of chats
  • Send auto-replies to your friends when you are busy
  • Change or design the main interface
  • Change the look of chats
  • Send Chat Messages without saving contacts


How to install ANWhatsapp+4?

We have already provided all the information about how to install ANwhatsapp on your android phone.

How to update ANWhatsapp APK?

In order to update, you can bookmark our website Whenever a new update will be released you can download it from here.

Can I download AN Whatsapp from the google play store?

As we have already informed you that it is not an official application, therefore, you cannot download this app from the play store but you can install AN WhatsApp from our website.

How can I download AN Whatsapp+4 mod?

You can easily download AN WhatsApp mod from our website without any problem.


ANwhatsapp is also known as ANwhatsapp+4. I hope that this article is helpful for you if you are here to gather information about ANWhatsapp+4 Apk.

If you are facing any problems while installing this application then you can comment below, definitely we will help you.

Download AN Whatsapp Apk v.36 [51.75 MB ]
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