Attack On Survey Corps APK 0.13.4 Latest Version (Free)

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Attack On Survey Corps APK 0.13.4 Latest Version (Free)

In the world of video games, Attack On Survey Corps APK is the best simulation game and it has been derived from the best Japanese comic series.It is completely related to manga series because you kno

Name Attack On Survey Corps
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version 0.13.4
Size 489MB
Genre Adventure
Publisher AstroNut
Google Play Link

In the world of video games, Attack On Survey Corps APK is the best simulation game and it has been derived from the best Japanese comic series.

It is completely related to manga series because you know that almost every Japanese person like playing manga and anime content games.

What is Attack On Survey Corps?

This game is about the Attack on Titan manga series and it (titan manga series) was created by Hajime Isayama, in the beginning, this series was released in 2009 in Japan.

The main character is Eren Jaeger he takes the decision to join the army that is protecting humanity from evil.

the story of the attack on Survey Corps is about humanity which is on the verge of destruction 

Monsters who are known as Titans attacked on Earth and humans had to move on to haven from these monsters to protect themselves.

This game contains many hot scenes with visual novels and this game is developed by fans. it has no connection with the original version of the game.

attack on survey apk

Own Game Testing

However, We have played this game on our device and we found that it is a kind of adult game. in attack on survey corps apk, users will see many adult scenes with foul language 

Hence, if Users are above 18 only then play, and you should not play if you are not older than the specified age remember this.

Apart from this, if we see the rating of it then it is “M” because of all those scenes. you can get the latest version of this game from our website.

However, if users want more parts of the survey corps then you must support the official developer company AstroNut.

The graphics are very good and it is a simulation game it gives a realistic experience while playing, therefore, users must try it if they age above 18.

Surely you will go to enjoy Attack On Survey Corps APK with amazing sounds and dialogues, you can also read all tags while playing.

attack on survey corps latest


Players will experience amazing game playing with a thrilling story and unique characters, teaching feelings, freeloading family, and Milfy city is also a very good game with high-quality graphics.

There will be no challenges in this game, the users will see neither enemies nor other challenges

but your main work is meeting new ladies in the training camp and trying to go on date with them.

If Users are successful in setting up a date then they can go on date with them and they can do some hentai scenes with them

If you have played Waifu Hub or Waifu academy these games are similar and alternatives to it.

Anime and Manga Series Character

As you know that anime and manga characters have become more famous in the gaming industry,

there are many famous characters in anime that we can see such as Naruto x boruto, Eren Yeager, Dragon ball Z, and more.

These all popular characters show that Anime and manga character games are also very good

therefore you will see anime characters in the Attack On Survey Corps game.

in this game, you will see both anime and manga characters while conversational adventure a kind of dating simulator scene.

Game And User-interface

in the game’s story, you will have to do conversations with ladies in the training camp if a girl is ready then you can date her after approval.

The user interface is very easy to understand, the user only needs to open the game and choose any name according to his choice.

Then Start playing and earn coins, there is no need to learn anything because it is not a very tough game.

attack on survey corps 0.9

Excellent Graphics with Sound

the graphics are very good if you are a fan of 2D graphics with anime content. you will see many beautiful ladies with excellent graphics.

Visuals give a decent experience but the story and scenes will increase your excitement while playing this game on your device.

The sound comes whenever you talk with anyone with subtitles whatever conversation you do with anyone, you can hear sound with dialogue so that you can easily comprehend.

How to install an Attack on Survey Corps APK?

Users have to follow all the steps to install it on their devices.

  1. Download the Attack on Survey Corps Apk on your device.
  2. Before installing just confirm that you have already enabled unknown sources if not then allow it.
  3. Now find Attack on survey corps apk by apkgrape on your device, user will easily find it in the download folder if you have set it on default.
  4. Click on install and wait till the installation process completes.
  5. Now, you successfully installed this game on your device.

There are many alternative games of Attack on Survey Corps Apk that you can play if you want to such as dreams of desirekame paradise 2seasons of loss, and camp buddy.


Attack On Survey Corps is an amazing simulation game with a mixture of visual novels and you should play if you really liked the story that has been discussed in this article.

It has no connection with the official video game named attack on survey corps both titles are the same but the story is totally different from each other.

if you want to ask any questions or suggestions about this game then comment below we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Download Attack On Survey Corps v.0.13.4 [489MB ]
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