Australian Hindu Association seeks action against Khalistanis

The Australian Hindu Association Inc has written a letter to the Minister of Police in Victoria seeking an investigation into Hinduphobic crimes committed by Khalistani-elements in the Australian state. In the letter addressed to Anthony Carbines, Minister of Police of Victoria state, the organisation expressed concerns of Australian Hindus about the organised attacks on Hindu Temples.

It was mentioned in the letter that the attacks were initiated by pro-Khalistani elements linked to a “Khalistan referendum”. It read, “Australian Hindus are deeply dissatisfied with the manner in which Victorian Police are handling this issue. There seems to be little comprehension by police of the seriousness of the issues being raised by these temple attacks.”

The organisation provided details of the attacks that happened in January. The first attack took place on January 12, 2023, at BAPS Swaminarayan Temple at Mill Park in Melbourne. It was similar to the BAPS Hindu temple attack in Canada by pro-Khalistan elements in September 2022.

The second attack occurred on January 15, 2023, at the Shri Shiva Vishnu Temple at Carrum Downs. Notably, around the time of the second attack, a pro-Khalistan rally to propagate Referendum 2020 took place in Australia.

The third and most recent attack took place on January 23, 2023, at ISKON Hindu Temple at Albert Park.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that voting is scheduled at Federation Square on January 29 by Sikhs For justice for Referendum 2020. It was added that the Government of India already bans SFJ under UAPA.

Notably, the Australian Hindu Association had provided ASIO first-hand evidence of plans by some individuals to set up SFJ cells in Australia.

The letter pointed out how pro-Khalistani elements called for killing 50,000 Hindus, how Khalistani posters are being circulated in Australia and more.

Counter protests by Hindus

The letter mentioned that many Hindus who oppose the Khalistani movement had organised protests against the rising Khalistani elements in Australia. Notably, a counter-protest is being organised at Federation Square on the same day the Referendum voting is scheduled. There are over 200,000 Hindus live in Victoria, and “if a fraction of that number attends, then there is a real risk of confrontation between the two groups,” the organisation said.

‘Provide adequate resources to investigate Hinduphobic crimes’

Amendra K Singh, President of the Australian Hindu Association, wrote that he and many other Hindus have expressed concerns and wrote to Australian police over the matter. However, they have not received even a courtesy response.

He said, “While there have been a number of statements by politicians condemning the attacks, such platitudes do nothing to alleviate the fears of Australian Hindus whose places of worship have been desecrated. The real action is required so that we can attend our places of worship without fear or being subjected to vilification.

The attacks did not occur in some remote locations; they took place in the well-populated suburbs of Melbourne. Yet, the Victorian Police, with vast resources and technology at its disposal, has not apprehended a single individual in relation to any of the attacks.”

He added, “It appears that Victorian Police have little appreciation of the history of, the psyche of and potential for large-scale violence by individuals who support the Khalistan movement.

I request that adequate resources be allocated to investigate these Hinduphobic crimes by terror-linked elements. Are you going to wait until a Hindu life is lost before taking this threat seriously?

As to the proposed referendum, I request you – in the interests of maintaining public order and protecting Australian Hindus from intimidation, harassment and vilification, to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to ensure that the ‘Khalistan referendum’ event does not take place.”

OpIndia did a report on the uprising of the Khalistani movement in Australia. It can be checked here.

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