Castle of Temptation APK v0.4.3a Latest Version (Free)

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Castle of Temptation APK v0.4.3a Latest Version (Free)

Download the Castle of Temptation APK with unlimited survival and heroic skills. It is the most recent version, it has amazing unique features.With many survival levels, the player can avoid the same

Name Castle of Temptation
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version 0.4.3a
Size 61MB
Genre Games
Publisher Poring Patreon Dev
Google Play Link

Download the Castle of Temptation APK with unlimited survival and heroic skills. It is the most recent version, it has amazing unique features.

With many survival levels, the player can avoid the same type of enemies throughout the game. So let’s discuss important details about the game.

What is Castle of Temptation?

It is an adventure game that tests the player’s creativity and critical thinking ability. The game story was taken from the most famous book Castle of Temptation.

In the game, the main task of the player is to find ways through the castle noting that one bad decision and foes are waiting to eat.

We can call it an action game too, as there are many fighting scenes inside this.The storyline looks somehow boring but when you play, it will give you a fantastic gaming experience.

To get victory, the player must solve all problems and difficulties throughout the journey.

While playing, if the user finds any castle, it is important to take it with them because when the player goes to the puzzle-solving level, this will be very helpful for him.

Besides this, it is very hard to distract from the Castle of Temptation game, the main goal of yours is to resist temptation in order to fulfill your wishes.

We know that when our all dreams and wishes are in front of our eyes, it is not possible to concentrate anywhere else.

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Features of Castle of Temptation APK

There are many fantastic features of the game and some of them, we are going to discuss below. Fight off with your enemies get victory over them and become the real superhero.

Multiple Boss Battle

The players can see multiple boss battles. Being a hero, the users will receive many amazing rewards for winning against those bosses.

Note that the level will be very tough and intense and it will test your self-control of yours.

This game has everything from being very easy to be very alarming. You will have full control of anybody who tempts you, they can be encountered by you.

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Castle for Adventure lovers

This is a very good game but there are many things that should be improved by the developers.

In the Castle of Temptation Apk, the young adventure game lover players try to become superheroes after fighting against foes and other evils through the castle.

We feel that apart from terrible and other creatures, graphics and other visuals can be added to the game.

Solve Puzzles

It looks amazing because while playing an adventure game the user will have to solve puzzles.

When you play this level, this will enhance your problem-solving skills. The best part that I liked about it was that we could choose the level of difficulty according to our choice

From the easiest levels to the toughest, you have to solve each mystery to get valuable inventory goods that will help while playing another level.


The players can easily understand that the Castle of Temptation apk comes with 2D graphics. However, these type of graphics does not stop this game from becoming famous

Because many captivating characters and interesting objects that are featured in the game make it worthy of playing.

Besides, the layout of the castle of temptation apk is very smooth, clean, and simple for any player to play.

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The story of the game is fully based on the novel. Before 86 years, the country was most beautiful and peaceful. Both humans and demons were living peacefully in their own places.

Suddenly, many evils came and there was war declared between humans and devils. Bad forces took charge of the country.

The main young boy has dreamed of making that country as it was before therefore he started to find the castle that will help him.

For the rest story, the user must play the Castle of Temptation Apk game.


It has very easy-to-understand controls. At the time of playing, the users can easily move their character by using a D-pad on the screen.

With the help of swapping and tapping, the player can interact with enemies and objects.

Apart from this, you can use a mini-map to search your way around the castle. You can also add inventory which will be useful to you.

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Collect Treasure and other items

In spite of many more features, this game gives you a chance to collect treasure and other valuable items.

You can find these valuable inventories and note that each object item has its back story.

Remember to collect and fill your collection bag because it will be helpful while trying to solve puzzles and questions.

No Ads

Castle of Temptation with no ads is the best option for users who are looking for games with lag-free play.

By using the no-ads version, the users will not see any advertisements and you can take full advantage of this action and thrill game.

Easy Ui

A great layout is the main thing that shows the mirror of the particular game. the players can easily find their way without any help or guidance.

Even while playing it for the first time, the user will able to discover most features of the game.

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Key features of Castle of Temptation APK

In this section, all key features of castle of temptation apk has been explained below 

  • Test skills in fronts of formidable foes as you make your way through treacherous lands.
  • Receive fantastic rewards for every challenge that you have completed, In the form of powerful equipment and useful items.
  • Unlock exclusive content and bonus levels with gems, coins, and other resources.
  • Immerse yourself in a world of mystery and adventure as you explore the castle of temptation game.
  • Feel the experience of an unforgettable journey that will keep hooked until the end.
  • Solve difficult and challenging puzzles to advance more inventories to a further level.
  • Customize your favorite character with different abilities and play styles.
  • Enjoy improved graphics and performance with the most recent version.

How to Download Castle of Temptation’s Latest Version

  1. Please remove or uninstall the previous version of the castle of temptation mod and then install it.
  2. Wait 19 seconds then tap on the download and save the game castle of temptation mediafire file on your phone.
  3. Now find the directory that you selected while downloading the castle of temptation apk file.
  4. Then click on the install button, and the installation will begin.
  5. Click on Done and start the game.


Q1. How to download castle of Temptation for PC?

A: it is very easy to download Castle of Temptation for PC. just choose pc and install and run from apkgrape.

Q2. What are the games like castle of temptation?

A: there are many games available in the market which is similiar and alternative of castle of temptation such as jump harem, harem hotel and teaching feeling etc.

Q3. What is the latest version of castle of temptation APK?

A: v0.4.3 is the latest version of castle of temptation apk for mobile and PC.

Review by User

It was one of the most amazing games. The castle of Temptation game has very good controls. The thing that I really like is that it is so fast to level up than other pixel games it’s really cool.

But I suggest putting some more rewards on it to make it more interesting and also this tutorial is very helpful for newbies like me/us.

So this can help every player and even it can be resourceful.


So here, is the end of this post. Castle of Temptation is a fully enticing adventure game with gives you the full ability to become a hero in the fantasy world.

With a game story, 2D graphics, boss battle, and puzzle solving. It is a very good game so you must experience the game once if you are thinking.

Don’t forget to share this post castle of temptation with your friends if you like and thank you for reading, we hope that you have got all the necessary details.

Download Castle of Temptation v.0.4.3a [61MB ]
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