Caustic remarks on PM Modi triggers wordy duel

Mysore/Mysuru: Pandemonium was witnessed for sometime as retired Professor of University of Mysore B.P. Mahesh Chandra Guru made caustic remarks referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, riling up a section of the audience at the Mega Convention of State Representatives of Karnataka Rajya Kayaka Samajagala Okkoota at IEI in city on Monday.

The irked Ganiga leaders from Chamarajanagar, Jayaram Shetty, Ankashetty and several  others picked up a wordy duel with Prof. Guru, creating a tensed atmosphere for sometime.

Prof. Guru questioned the leaders — Are you Modi’s slaves? You should oppose ideologically, not by resorting to duel, which enraged the leaders further, who rushed towards dais and took Prof. Guru to task, besides insisting to tender an apology.

Former MLC K.C. Puttasiddashetty, also the State President of Karnataka Rajya Kayaka Samajagala Okkoota, who intervened, promised to tender apology on behalf of Prof. Guru, thus bringing the situation under control.

Earlier, as the situation heated up, the peeved leaders said, “it was improper to mix politics in the meeting that is convened to discuss about the development of Kayaka Samaja (working communities). It is also not right to criticise Modi and hence, the speech (of Prof. Guru) should                       be stopped.”

Even though Prof. Guru made a bid to pacify the leaders with his own version, commotion continued. The leaders, who refused to budge, shot back at Prof. Guru asking — Has the society progressed even 75 years after independence? Is it right to seek Nehruvian style administration?

Prof. Guru argued that ‘Globalisation is only helping haves, while the banks are not disbursing loan to others. The Government is only interested in votes than development. The Government is being controlled by ‘priestly class and capitalists’, hence, Shudras and Dalits remain without any progress.  The rulers have turned a blind eye towards upliftment of working classes who form the backbone of economy.

Prof. Guru questioned, ‘Why working classes should continue with the traditional occupations that denote castes, sowing the seeds of inequality. They should discontinue such occupations to bring social reforms.’

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been killing Dalits, hardworking and helpless people through privatisation. We want Nehruvian style leadership, as he had nationalised all the sectors thus helping the society by creating jobs. But, Modi is indulged in creating a evil system by selling all to capitalists,” said Prof. Mahesh Chandra Guru.

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