Confined with Goddesses APK Free Latest Version 2024

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Confined with Goddesses APK Free Latest Version 2024

Download the latest version of Confined with Goddesses APK from here, if you are looking for this amazing game for Android, Windows, Mac, or any other device.Manga content is one of the most famous co

Name Confined with Goddesses
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version 0.3.4
Size 348MB
Genre Role Playing
Google Play Link

Download the latest version of Confined with Goddesses APK from here, if you are looking for this amazing game for Android, Windows, Mac, or any other device.

Manga content is one of the most famous content and the developers have been inspired by manga characters.

What is confined with Goddesses?

Do you remember 2020 year? At that time we all were used to staying at home even if we did not want to. And if you are from them who liked to quarantine themselves then Eroniverse has made the Confined with Goddesses game for you.

But wait there is a twist in the game; you will have get chance to quarantine with four beautiful girls. Yes, you have heard right.

In a house, the player will live with 4 pretty girls and he will have the right to do whatever he wants to do with them but after solving different assignments that will be given to him by those beautiful girls.

The name of those beautiful girls is Berry, Emma, Sarena, and Valerie and you will be the main player.

What is confined with Goddesses APK?

Confined with Goddesses APK will receive new content every month from the developer to keep it interesting for the audience. However, it is necessary to download new content from our site or the official site.

The house is very big you can see a shower room, bedrooms, balcony, kitchen and living room.

Besides, the developers have decided to add new rooms and other new things to the house during new updates.

To complete all levels and challenges, you will need amazing logical thinking skills because it is somewhat tough to get victory.

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Many features of the game can be explained but only some important and key elements have been given below.

All Devices supported

If you are using Android or any other devices like Windows, Mac Linux, etc. you can play Confined with Goddesses APK on your device without being worried about device capability.

But there is only one thing that needs to be remembered you should install the correct file for your device.

Ads Free

Another feature of Confined with Goddesses APK is that you will not see any ads while playing the game because the developer has removed ads for the users therefore you must support the developer from their official site.

New content is added

We all know that it is very boring to keep playing the same levels over and over therefore the player will get new content and levels every month.

But it needs to be downloaded from the official site or download a new updated version to enjoy new levels and stories.

Remember that each update will come with a different and unique story but has the same characters and models.

Many Interacting Activities

As a player, you will witness many interactions with new female characters. There are only 4 main females that will allow you to do everything.

You can talk with different girls and discuss various topics with them to make your conversation more interesting and attractive.

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Good Graphics

However, the quality of graphics is not pretty much good as compared to others because it has manga-animated characters and all visuals.

But I can bet that you will still like Confined with Goddesses APK, the main reason is the story and scenes that will make you fall in love with it.

Many games are very famous even though it does not have 3D visuals and games like Confined with Goddesses are such as Naruto Family Vacation, Moba Mugen, Konoha Training Apk, and more.

Details about Characters

In this paragraph, we have given some information about all characters and models kindly check as below.

Main character

The main character is male and he wants to make every girl his girlfriend because in the past one female had broken up with him.


She is a very pretty and strong girl and she will help that male to get back his confidence, she will also help you to develop a good physical look with a captivating body.


She is very popular at the school and all students try to flirt with her.


She is the mother of mentioned two girls Sarena and Emma. Apart from this, she is your teacher too.


She is a female character and is the girlfriend of your dad. So this is the entire detail about all the models.

How to install Confined with Goddesses APK on Android?

  1. First, go to the bottom page and download the Confined with Goddesses APK _ Apkgrape file.
  2. Activate Unknown Sources from the settings.
  3. Find the file from the file manager and install it.
  4. Enjoy!!! Confined with Goddesses APK has been successfully installed on your Android device.

How to Install Confined with Goddesses on Windows?

  • Download the zip file from our website we have written which device supports which file so download according to device category.
  • After downloading Confined with extract it with the help of an extractor.
  • Then click on run and after a few minutes the game will start.
  • Now it has been successfully installed on your Windows/Mac Device.


Q: What is the latest version of Confined with Goddesses APK?

A:  v0.3.4 is the latest version of Confined with Goddesses APK therefore if you want to get the most recent content kindly go with this one.

Q:  is it safe to download mod games from third-party sites?

A:  I would advise you to check the trust score of new third-party sites and if the site is old then you may download any modded apps because every site owner never wants to lose his reputation in this digital world.


So it is the ending and I hope that really liked to read our post. Confined with Goddesses is the best option for the players who want to play some naughty type games.

And also for those who love to play animated manga graphics and visuals because it has 2D visuals.

It will also help you to develop communication skills as you will need to do dialogues with all the girls while playing.

If you like this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues, comment below if anybody is facing any problems at the time of installing Confined with Goddesses on their device.

Download Confined with Goddesses v.0.3.4 [348MB ]
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