Corruption of Champions II Apk Free Download v0.6.28

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Corruption of Champions II Apk Free Download v0.6.28

Download the Corruption of Champions II APK on your device, if you are in search of the latest version. In this section, I will provide you with deep information about this amazing adventure game.The

Name Corruption of Champions II
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version 0.6.28
Size 486MB
Genre Adventure
Publisher Savin/Salamander Studios
Google Play Link

Download the Corruption of Champions II APK on your device, if you are in search of the latest version. In this section, I will provide you with deep information about this amazing adventure game.

The Story of Corruption of Champions II

Corruption of Champions II is a very famous text-based adventure game.  In this, you are going to fight with all the demons and monsters because they attacked your village.

The player named Bali was living in a village named Ingnam and life was going peacefully but suddenly a gang of demons tried to attack your village but they could not win it from your ancestors

Therefore demons had planned to take revenge on the player by killing him with the help of monsters.

But to protect the village, there was a competition organized every year that could fight with demons.

At that time, Bali (you) won a fight and you had been sent to an unknown place where you either get killed by demons or defeat them.

Apart from this, there were many cute and hot female monsters in the story which would make the gameplay more thrilling and exciting.

Download Corruption of Champions II

What is Corruption of Champions II APK?

Corruption of Champions II APK is an amazing game with marvelous graphics.  There was one player named Mareth who got many fame.

About a year ago the main player left his village to build his future. He built his own business but suddenly he returned to his ingnam his village after getting news that his village was in danger.

What’s New

Mentioned scenes below have been added recently to increase the interest of players in Corruption Champions.

  • Nash has another TF for an extra enormous; he is a horny reptile and spiky person.
  • Serena is another character and she does nursing handjob.
  • Atan’s Marefolk Guard has another intimate moment but it requires having some coins.
  • Tui will do another discussion during the holiday and Halloween mode.

Features of Corruption of Champions II

The game is filled with full of fantasies I mean It would be very hard for you to control your excitement after playing.

In this paragraph, we have explained features that are given below to enhance your information.

Filled with adventure

Corruption of Champions II APK has so many adventures. It means if the player completes the first level then he will have to go into another adventure.

It included many RPG scenes such as new skills and superpowers. We can use those powers to defeat our enemy.

Deep dive into the world of adventures with so many unique characters and fight with demons and monster girls with a view to protecting your village

First time, the player will need to choose his/her favorite character then customize it with various outfits and begin your journey in Corruption of Champions II.

corruption of champions ii

Unique Powers and Skills

The point needs to be noted that monster girls have unique powers they can use milk magic to defeat you within seconds.

Some girls have the power to terrorize others to get victory in battle. The rest are cat girls and they can attack you with their nails to scratch your entire body to make you bleed.

User Interface and Graphics

The UI is very simple and you will see text with images while playing so that you can take actions according to the conversation.

All the visuals are in RPG so if you have played RPG games it will be interesting for you otherwise it will feel boring.

Free to download

Corruption of Champions II APK can be downloaded without paying anything it means it is totally free therefore if anybody is asking money from you then please don’t pay for getting as we have already provided it free of cost on our website.

How to install Corruption of Champions II APK?

However, before explaining the installation process, I would like to request that if you are unable to find any apps or games on the Play Store then you can easily download them from our website (

Just type in the search box the app or game name that you want to have. Now let’s come to the point follow below installation steps below to run it on your mobile phone.

  1. Visit Unknown sources in the settings (if enabled then skip this step and follow 2nd)
  2. Go to the download button and wait for 20 seconds Corruption of Champions II Apk by apkgrape will be downloaded.
  3. Now find the application on your device and click on install.
  4. Wait for a few seconds until the installation is running.
  5. Then tap on done and click on open.
  6. Congratulations!! Corruption of Champions II has been successfully installed on your device.

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User Reviews

Below, reviews have been given of users who have played this. Let’s take a look.

Flatroll Boy

I like this game. The story is very good battle mechanics are good for swords although there is still room for some improvement. The missions and stories are fun. I love all the levels. The characters are simply adorable and the graphics are impressive.

There are no big problems like any laggings; the characters are cool and handsome. Talking about the story or plot the developer did a tremendous job.

Le Riche Suttie

It is a pretty interesting game it has lots of adventure and tasks to do. I cannot describe how good it is and how you can never stop playing until your phone is out of battery. I won’t lie it needs some basic adjustments but you will not notice but when you understand the rules of the game and start advancing.


Well, it is all the details that have been explained to you. Corruption of Champions II APK is a very famous and good game if you are a fan of RPG games and it may not be suitable for the player who does not like to play this category-based game.

Along with magical powers and some naughty scenes, it will give you an immersive experience. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends and comment below if you encounter any problems while installing Corruption of Champions II APK.


Download Corruption of Champions II v.0.6.28 [486MB ]
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