Dattebayo – the Exact meaning of naruto’s speech

Anime is an endless source of Japanese words and expressions. However, sometimes the things anime character tells don’t really make much sense. For example dattebayo.

This is a Japanese word Dattebayo and you may have seen it in the anime naruto. You might have listened to some synonyms of the word such as Dattebane and dattebasa said by others.



This word is rising a lot of curiosity in the mind of people. I have written this just because more than 50K people search this word on the internet to know the exact meaning of this. So therefore today I am going to tell you all the meaning of this word.

Dattebayo word was used in the anime naruto.

The word Dattebayo is generally used at the end of the sentence by protagonist naruto. If you have watched this in anime, you will find that there is no correct transition for that word.


The word Dattebayo is just an emphasis on what he just said nothing more. Manga dattebayo and Naruto’s anime is only part of a Japanese dialect, in this, naruto was inherited from his mother.

He was not speaking just the word dattebayo but also ttebayo or simply bayo, this all is depending on the sentence that naruto uses.


We are required to understand this first because there is a deeper meaning to this expression. This may be the right time for you to delve this into the Japanese language.

What is the meaning of dattebayo according to Japanese?

The ending suffix of dattebayo is:-
Gives – an informal verb similar to desu.
TTE- Elongation that forms datte.
BA = it is used to express conditions and results. ( Then, Why, since, if)
YO= particle for emphasizing.

Ttebayo is generally not used in Japanese but even it gives some feelings of extreme determination and motivation. Teba also gives expressions of boredom and emotional closeness to somebody.

The word Theba is the very usual particle in the Japanese language. You may have listened a character wanting to draw the attention of somebody in the anime after saying neeetebaaa?

The speech of naruto is complete with a junction of gives, teba, and yo. Datteybayo is translated in the English version as believe! In another language like in Portuguese, it is translated as “Connect” or “I am Right!”



It is not a necessary translation, this word is nothing more than a slogan that is used to make sentences unique and original by naruto.


Dattebayo is somewhat similar to dazo and daze. Dazo is not childish as compared to naruto. It is usually used by men.

As I have already explained, some sentences end up with modifications. In some cases, you can see the expressions for example sattebayo and nandattebayo.

What is the exact meaning of dattebane and dattebasa?

You have seen in the anime his mother saying “dattebane” where the huh is a particle similar to “Huh?” or “ Is not it ?” it looks more feminine.

The possibilities of these sentences are endless but we need to put Particle as we want.
It is very usual in Japanese, especially children or in anime characters to use various suffix or endings in sentences.

Let’s take Some basics first.

See the sentence: “I am Naruto”


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The polite Japanese translation is: “Watashi wa Naruto desu”.

The conversational form is: “Watashi (wa) Naruto da”.

Here the “wa” particle, which marks the subject of the sentence, Watashi here, can be dropped (but not always).

Moreover “desu” is shortened to “da”.

Now, Naruto has a verbal tic (inherited from his mother) wherein he adds a “tebayo” which roughly translates to “you know”. AFAIK there is no proper equivalent.


People, in general, have such tic’s; “like”, “so” etc are some examples.

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Also note that in Japanese, “yo” is a word that is used to indicate that the listener may not be knowing about something that the speaker is saying. I am not certain of the “teba” part.


You might be interested to know that Naruto’s mom Kushina also has a verbal tic. In her case, she adds a “tebane” instead of a “tebayo”. The “ne” gives a sense of “like this/that” (someone can correct this interpretation).

Wrapping it all up: “Watashi (wa) Naruto dattebayo” would effectively mean “I am Naruto, you know” or “I am Naruto, believe it”.


So thank you for reading my article if you have any suggestions comment below we will get back to you shortly.

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