‘Deeply concerned’: JNU teachers’ association on power cut, violence over BBC documentary

The Jawaharlal Nehru University Teachers Association (JNUTA) Wednesday released a statement ‘strongly’ condemning the incidence of violence on the JNU campus when students tried to screen the BBC documentary, India: The Modi Question, and demanded strong action against the perpetrators.

The JNUTA statement came after the protest on the JNU campus Tuesday when there was a power cut for about three hours before the scheduled time of screening the BBC documentary. Those who tried to watch the documentary on their phones or laptops were allegedly pelted with stones as the power went off half an hour before the planned event.

The statement said, “The JNUTA is deeply concerned about the stone-pelting that took place when more than 200 students were watching a documentary…”

JNUTA said it felt that the administration should have been far more proactive in preventing untoward incidents and in ensuring prompt restoration of power supply on campus, recognising the urgency that the prevailing situation demanded.

It also expressed its concern about the ‘thin presence of security personnel on the spot’ and said “no action was taken by them to prevent or contain violence when stone pelting took place on the campus”.

“A large number of faculty residences were also adversely impacted by this long power cut in the peak of winter,” the statement added.

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