Doraemon X APK Latest Version v1.0 Free For Android

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Doraemon X APK Latest Version v1.0 Free For Android

Doraemon X APK is a game that is completely based on the most popular cartoon TV show Doremon associated with childhood.Moreover, the player can also complete mini-games and quests and this will allow

Name Doraemon X APK
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version 1.0
Size 165MB
Genre Adventure
Publisher Hotmilk Patreon
Google Play Link com.doraemon. game

Doraemon X APK is a game that is completely based on the most popular cartoon TV show Doremon associated with childhood.

Moreover, the player can also complete mini-games and quests and this will allow you to earn more money and rewards.

What is Doraemon X APK?

In Doraemon X players will required to face many challenges such as facing obstacles, solving puzzles, finding different items, and doing some naughty stuff too.

Sometimes, the developer of the game thinks of a unique way to add various flavors to increase excitement.

During childhood, almost everybody knew about the famous character Nobita therefore the creators decided to create a game about Doraemon.

Apart from the famous characters Doraemon and Nobita, you would also see other characters such as Shizuka, Gian, and Suneo among the interesting characters from the world.

Apart from the challenges, There are many activities that players will do like fishing and racing.

It is the mixer of anime and manga series games because all the graphics are in 2D but based on anime visuals.

If you have played games like Naruto x Boruto and Naruto Senki then you can experience the same graphics in the game

doraemon x game

Features of Doraemon X APK

In this section, you will learn all the cool and important features of the game and if you want to ask any question then do not forget to comment.

Famous characters

Along with the famous robotic cat friend Doraemon, the player will also experience other iconic characters like Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, Suneo, and others.

Each role has its own powers and qualities that will help you to win levels and solve puzzles.

Doraemon X APK is filled with puzzles, obstacles, and various challenges and that will increase your thrill for the game.

The sounds are also realistic and it looks very similar to the real characters without any doubt.

doraemon x

Colorful Graphics

The graphics are very unique and engaging. All visuals look very realistic and filled up with various colors.

In this game Doraemon X APK, you can see all the locations like the school of Nobita, the museum, and his house.

It will show you the daily life of Nobita and his cat friend Doraemon is going to help him in various matters.

However, you can experience 2D visuals with anime-type graphics. All visual looks the same as a real TV show.


Nobita will do many adventures with his friend Doraemon therefore it could be a very hard task as there would be many risky challenges to face.

Sometimes, Doraemon cannot help you so you will have to help yourself with the help of your creative thinking while on an adventure journey.

Moreover try some other adventure games too from our website such as Night Adventure APK, Kipas Guys, PK Xd, Naruto Senki, Black Monster Market, etc.

Solving Puzzles

Apart from only playing the player must solve the puzzles because without solving the puzzle, you cannot enter to the next level.

The puzzle will be somewhat tough but if you have amazing thinking skills then you can easily solve puzzles.

Various Mini Games

Besides solving puzzles, the players can also play different mini-games and side levels too.

That will help users to earn some rewards and that can be used to upgrade the levels and costumes of the characters.

These rewards can be used to get extra powers and change the costumes of the characters.

What is the minimum requirement of Doraemon X?

Even if you have low-end Android or Windows devices, you can still run this game without lag.

In the below section, we have added all the requirements to play this game.

For Android

2GB Free storage space and 2GB RAM and processor should be from Mali, PowerVR, and Andreno.

The version must be above 8.0 for a great and smooth gaming experience.

For Windows

The storage should be free at least 2 GB and 1GB RAM is also sufficient. The processor must be anywhere from I3 10th Generation to I5 or above.

The operating system can be Windows 7 to any other new version. It will give you smooth and lag-free gameplay.

These are the best requirements that users need to have on their devices but even if you don’t have these system requirements still you can try your luck it may run on your device.

How to install Doraemon X APK on Android?

In order to install Doraemon X APK, please follow all installation processes completely.

  1. First Download Doraemon X APK from the download button given below and you will need to wait 18 seconds.
  2. The tap on install option and activate unknown sources (if you have already activated then skip this step.)
  3. Find the file in your Storage Named doraemon X_apkgrape.
  4. Click on the Install button and wait for a few seconds.
  5. Now congratulations this game has been successfully installed on your Android device.

How to install Doraemon X on Windows, Mac, and Linux?

  1. Download the game which is in a zip file
  2. Then tap on Extract Here or your specified folder
  3. Now find the file and tap on Run Doraemon X on your windows.
  4. Wait for a few minutes and it will be installed on your Windows or other devices.


So this is the endings and all things from solving puzzles to completing various challenges it would be a very good 2D anime game.

My personal review of Doraemon X APK is very good because it is very useful for those who want to utilize their free time.

This is very good for forgetting all your worries and increasing your focus power but I will need to clarify that this game comes with some very hot and adult scenes therefore you should only play if your age is above 18 otherwise you can find other games.

It is a boon for all manga series lovers as it has the same animated visuals. Therefore if you have not installed Doraemon X APK then just don’t wait download now and dive into an immersive and thrilling game.

Download Doraemon X APK v.1.0 [165MB ]
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