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Atlanta Braves star Ronald Acuña home run celebration inspired a fight, and led to his retirement from the Venezuelan Winter League. Here’s everything to know.

Ronald Acuña of the Braves unleashed an incredible home run celebration in the Venezuelan League Final on Tuesday. While fans appreciated Acuña for his antics, fans of the opposing team — and even some journalists — were not as kind.

Acuña sparked controversy around his home country, which even led to some boos in his next at-bat. Shortly thereafter, Acuña’s family took offense.

It’s unknown which members of Acuña’s family fought with fans, but it was enough to spark outrage across the stadium.

Ronald Acuña retires from Venezuelan Winter League

After the fight between his family and fans, Acuña posted an Instagram story announcing his retirement from the Venezuelan Winter League.

Now, it helps that Acuña’s team was in the championship, and he already told the media he will not play for his home country in the World Baseball Classic. Acuña is still recovering from a long-term injury, and though he was able to participate on a limited basis for his club team, his ultimate goal is to be ready for the 162-game grind that is the MLB season.

Ronald Acuña deletes his Instagram

Shortly after posting his Instagram story, Acuña deleted his account altogether. His Twitter account still exists, but his IG is gone for now.

Who knows what really went on in the stands or clubhouse? For now, not much information is available beyond what Acuña has told us. From the outside looking in, it appears he’s turned his focus away from winter ball towards Spring Training, which is probably where his head should be at anyway.

The Atlanta star has a lot to think about in the weeks ahead.

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