Four Elements Trainer APK Free for Android & PC v1.0.6e

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Four Elements Trainer APK Free for Android & PC v1.0.6e

Four Elements Trainer APK is an adventure game that is very popular because it is an open-world game. Also, we can say that this game is a dating simulation game as well. I have said dating simulation

Name Four Elements Trainer
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version 0.9.82
Size 826MB
Genre Adventure
Google Play Link

Four Elements Trainer APK is an adventure game that is very popular because it is an open-world game.

Also, we can say that this game is a dating simulation game as well. I have said dating simulation game just because there are many levels where you can get all chance to date girls.

Also, I would like to tell you that you can play the game on your PC and IOS devices too. Now let’s have a look at some details about this game.


Release Date23 July 2020
Updated On15 December 2023
Supported On5.0 and Up
Size 685MB


4 element trainer


By the way, the story of Four Elements Trainer is unique and different because there are two main characters named the legends of Korra and the Last Airbender.

Both characters will meet many female characters in the Four Elements Trainer game.

Even if you are the hero in this story, therefore, you will get full freedom to do whatever you want to do with those characters.

The best thing that I liked so much about Four Elements Trainer APK is that you can even do 18+ things inside this game.

There are four different story books and we can say that there are four levels each level comes with different gameplay.

It is similar to anime characters like Avatar if you have watched this anime then you will really enjoy this game.

four elements trainer download


Now I will show you some features of this game so that you can easily get more information about it so let’s have a look.

Four Elements Trainer APK

Offline Mode

In fact, there are many games that give you offline mode but if you compare it with online mode games then you will realize that offline games are best in terms of playing when you don’t have mobile data.

So you can play this game on your Android mobile or Windows without mobile data therefore it will give you a chance to enjoy your time without the internet.

Unique and Exciting Missions

There are many exciting missions because you have to decide what you should do while playing a game like

If you want to play with women or you want to develop your powers and become a good human you will become the inspiration of all inside this game.

Find Secret Things

Here, you have to find many mysteries while fighting with enemies who want to rule your kingdom when you defeat them.

After defeating opponent enemies, you will get many rewards like money and new characters to make the Four Elements Trainer game more exciting.

Different Stories

Four Elements Trainer comes with 4 different books every book has a different round therefore you will have to play with different strategies.

avatar four elements trainer

Book 1

In this part (level) you will learn how to master water and you will get help from the tribe woman of the south pole named Katara.

Book 2

Now in this level, you will learn how to master fire and you know that fire is the strongest power of the avatar because here a player will have to survive the Anger of Azula.

Book 3

In this part there are many more characters will be presented named Joo Dee, Jin, and others. Your main task is to master the earth.

Book 4

Now here you will learn to master the air. this level is full of adventures and also remember that this part is still in development.

Therefore you can play only 3 books even book 4 will be impossible to win but if you try hard you may do it.

Alternatives to Four Elements Trainer APK

by the way, there are many more games if you want to explore and these all games have similar game experiences like Milfy City APK, seasons of Loss APK, Lust Epidemic game,

And Rick and Morty are a way back home. you can check these all games also these are our recommendations if you like to play high-graphic games.

About Four Elements Trainer Game

Four Elements Trainer APK is a dating simulation and action game and it was developed by Mity on Patreon. It was updated on 15 August 2023.

Now if we see the rating average then it was downloaded by 13549 users and an average rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Even you will find a difference in the rating average when you compare it with other sources because it is based on users rated on our website.

Four Elements Trainer was released on 9th November 2019 and it can be played on Android devices above 5.0.

Requirements for Windows and Android

If you have an Android device with an Android version above 5.0 with 2GB RAM then you can easily play this game.

For Windows and Mac devices, you will need to have 4GB RAM and 2GB Free storage space after installing the Four Elements Trainer game.

However, if you don’t have the required things on your device you can still play but you may experience lag while playing.


How to download the four elements trainer game?

To download the Four Elements Trainer game, you just need to visit the download button then you will easily able to download it from our website.

How long until the four elements trainer is done?

It is not easy to play Four Elements Trainer the entire day but if you want to play it then it will take approx 1 day to complete all the levels if you don’t take any rest approximately.

How to do a love storyline Four Elements trainer?

It is very simple to do a love storyline while playing this game you only need to choose the love story option even if you don’t know then when you see the tutorial you will easily understand.

How to get girls in a four elements training game?

It is an essential part of the game therefore when you start playing four elements trainer you will see girls you don’t need to do anything it is depending on your levels.

Wrapping Up

Finally, I would like to tell you that Four Elements Trainer APK is the best game if you like playing simulation games, especially games with adventure and simulation.

Apart from this, remember that the Four Elements Trainer Game is above the 18+ category game therefore if you are older than this age only then download it.

Thank you for reading my article if you want to ask any questions or suggestions comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

And also don’t forget to share this article with your friends, again thank you so much for reading.

Download Four Elements Trainer v.0.9.82 [826MB ]
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