Granny 3 MOD Menu v1.1.3 Free For Android & PC 2024

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Granny 3 MOD Menu v1.1.3 Free For Android & PC 2024

The horror game Granny 3 Mod Menu is one of the best gaming categories because it teaches you how to cope with your fear, especially on some dark nights that look is a horror game that is par

Name Granny 3
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version 1.1.3
Size 70MB
Genre Horror
Google Play Link com.DVloper.Granny3

The horror game Granny 3 Mod Menu is one of the best gaming categories because it teaches you how to cope with your fear, especially on some dark nights that look scary.

it is a horror game that is part of the granny horror series. The Granny series, has there are 3 parts to this game. Also, you will face many problems in this game while playing to survive.

But the main thing is that it is the best game because it improves your brain skills to stay calm even in scary situations.


Release Date3 June 2021
Updated On23 August 2023
Supported On5.0 and Up
Size 70MB

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Version : V1.1.3 |  Developer : Mod Apk|  Size : 72MB

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What is Granny 3?

It is one of the most famous horror game series and Granny 3 is the third part of the game. After getting so much popularity in Granny 1 and 2 the third part of this game is released.

Granny’s first part was launched in 2017 and it is developed by DVloper. This game became so famous and as a result, we are seeing the third part of this game series Granny 3.

this game also got almost 10 million downloads in the Google Play Store which shows how popular this game is!

The storyline

If we talk about the story of Granny 3 Mod Menu, you will see yourself as a detainee in the house alone and your main aim is to escape from that horrible place without making any noise.

Also, we would like to tell you why we said that you have to escape without making noise just because there are two main characters Granny and Grandpa.

They both are the main part of their horror family Granny hears only when you make noise or drop anything on the floor.

Grandpa is not able to hear but remembers that he likes to fire with his short gun whenever he sees something moving.

After listening to this storyline you probably will be excited to play the game. Also, I forgot to mention that Granny also has a granddaughter and her name is Slendrina.

Slendrina can be seen accidentally which means you won’t see her again and again but she will probably make you in a more troubling situation.

Therefore to save yourself you can hide anywhere from her because you should stay away from her as soon as possible.

Also, you have to find keys and other objects first in order to escape from the house, and with the help of keys, you can easily unlock the castle to get victory in the game.

granny 3 mod apk

What is Granny 3 Mod Menu?

it has been modified third party, therefore, you will get many advanced features that are paid but you will get free.

Also, remember that we don’t support a modified version of any application because it may come with malware as it is not the official version and it may be harmful to your device.

You should only purchase anything from the official developers through in-app purchases because it will motivate them to create and develop many more future games, also new features can be added to this game.

granny 3 mod menu


There are many unique features of Granny 3 mod APK and some useful features I am going to provide below. 


Here, I mean from the timer is when you start the game Granny 3 mod APK, you will get 5 days time to escape from the house if you can’t escape then you will lose the game.

However, this time limit makes Granny 3 more interesting because it increases our thinking view with the timing.

Easy Graphics

Everyone knows that graphics play a vital role in making in-game popular but in Granny 3 the story is very different even though it has easy graphics but still the images are still used to make gameplay look real.

Along with the graphics, the sound is very good because whenever something scary thing happens while playing a game it gives us a real horror experience.

It will also make your heart faster if you are playing a horror game for the first time so be ready to play this amazing game Granny 3.

Added New Characters

If you have already played the first two parts of the Granny game series then you know that there was only one character grandma

But in Granny 3 mod Apk, you will see 2 more new characters that are grandpa and her granddaughter Slendrina.

As I have already said Grandpa is not able to listen to anything but he has very good eyesight, therefore, he can shoot anyone with his gun who moves.

The best information I have already given about Slendrina

granny 3 mod menu outwitt

Challenging Levels

When you play it you will see many levels that are not very easy to win. but the good news is that you can easily choose any level according to your choice.

It means if you want to play a game with normal levels you can play and even if you want to play granny 3 with fully tough levels you can play.

Key Features

However, you will get the same features as you get in the original version but you will also get some more features that are very unique and amazing.

God Mode

This feature is unique because, with the help of these features, you can become invisible therefore no one can see you even not granny.

Apart from this, you can make granny and grandpa dumb then you can move from one place to another to find a castle easily which makes these features amazing.

You are completely invisible which means you don’t need to worry about being caught by granny and grandpa.

Granny 3 For PC

You can easily play Granny 3 for your Windows devices with 64/32bit.

If you want to download for PC then simply choose the granny for PC option so you can easily download and play.

About Granny 3

Granny 3 Mod Menu apk is a horror game which is launched on 3 June 2021 and it is updated on 20 September 2021.

This game is downloaded 5648 times and it has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Also, you can see the difference in rating because this rating is based on reviews given on our website apkgrape by users.

It was developed and created by DVloper. This game has got more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store so far therefore the number expresses the popularity of Granny 3.


How many escapes are there in granny 3?

There is no change in the escapes which means you will get only one escape option in granny 3.

How to escape from granny 3?

First, you will need to find objects and keys to unlock the main door to escape in granny 3 thus you must search for keys in order to escape.

Is granny 3 a multiplayer game?

The answer is yes, you can play granny 3 in multiplayer mode while online.

Where can I find the padlock code in granny 3?

You can easily find the padlock codes given below places A wall in the meat room, A cupboard in the kitchen, and A drawer in the study are the main places to find padlock codes.


Granny 3 Mod Menu is a very interesting game and also it adds many thrillers and scary events to the game.

It will be very tough for you to win because this time you will face 3 evil characters in this game if you play Granny 3 Mod Menu.

In order to win, you will have to stay alive for 5 days consecutive which will be not very easy because these characters don’t want anyone in their house.

Thank you for reading my article if you want to ask any questions or suggestions about Granny 3 Mod Apk then comment below

We will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

Download Granny 3 v.1.1.3 [70MB ]
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