GTA SA Lite Apk Download Latest Version 2024

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GTA SA Lite Apk Download Latest Version 2024

GTA SA Lite Apk After listening to the name of this game you will probably get the idea that it is the lightweight version of GTA San is the open world crime simulator game and it means you

Name GTA SA Lite Apk
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Size V11.0
Genre Game
Publisher Cleo Mods
Google Play Link

GTA SA Lite Apk After listening to the name of this game you will probably get the idea that it is the lightweight version of GTA San Andreas.

it is the open world crime simulator game and it means you can go anywhere without any restrictions this game.

If you don’t know about open-world games then I can give you examples Free Fire and Shadow Knight both are open-world action games.

in case you are using a mobile phone that has very low RAM and storage then this game is best for you because it is specially made for this kind of device.


Release DateN/a
Updated On16 October 2022
DeveloperCleo Mod
Supported On4.4 and Up
Size 260MB

What is GTA SA Lite Apk?

The full form of GTA SA Lite Apk is GTA San Andreas lite apk and it is based on a story related to the crime that happened with CJ. This game is developed by Rockstar games

And If you are a fan of GTA games then you probably know the name of this famous game developer.

In this game, you will have to snatch car keys and cars from strangers even if you find guns you will have to keep them possessed so you can use them when you need them.

And also it is specially developed for users who don’t have any high-end phones or PCs to experience such games.

 apk gta san andreas lite

The storyline of GTA SA Lite

If we talk about the storyline of the game then it is purely crime based story. And here the main character named CJ wants to take revenge on the people who killed his mother.

CJ became a gangster after the death of his mother. And now he came back to take revenge. It is an open-world game and you can go anywhere in Los Santos the main city.

Even if you don’t know the full name of CJ then it is Carl Johnson.  In Los Santos city you can steal cars and any other vehicles from anybody to drive.

Because you are a gangster and nobody wants to mess with you and you can also travel anywhere with that stolen vehicle

In this game, you can do many things like stealing, fighting, flying jets, and swimming as a gangster. 

You can also mess with law agencies but then you will have to run because if they will catch you then you will have been put behind the bars by them.

gta sa 200mb


If you are a gamer then you know that every game has its own unique features and that is why we will only discuss the unique features of GTA SA Lite Apk.

Steal Vehicles

This is one of the best features as it is a gangster city and crime simulator game, therefore, you can easily steal vehicles from anybody to reach your destination.

As I already said it is an open world game therefore you will see many cars I would also that more thousands of cars and bikes.

To obtain the vehicle from anybody you just need to press enter button then the main character CJ will take out the driver from the vehicle and steal it.

Also as a gangster, you can visit any vehicle showroom and steal your favorite car even without paying anything to the owners.

Fly Helicopters

By the way, if you are a fan of flying helicopters and other jet packs then you can do this thing in the game.

In order to fly a helicopter, you will need to find a helipad because it is the area where you can find many helicopters and jets.

When you fly a helicopter that time all things can be seen from the sky and you can also use jetpacks to jump and fly in the air.

Many Weapons

Whenever we talk about gangster city and crime simulator games then obviously weapons are one of the most important parts in this category of games.

All guns can be used from machine guns to snipers and many other weapons. Along with this, grenades and other explosives can also be used.

Supports Multiple Language

Apk GTA SA lite supports many languages which means that if you don’t know English then you can choose another language to play this game.

Even you can easily choose your favorite language in it by going to the language section in this game. Also, I would like to provide a few languages that can be used.

Japanese, Russian, English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and many more languages that you can use to play Apk GTA SA lite without any kind of confusion or language problem.

Fantastic Missions

Apk GTA SA lite comes with many fantastic missions and also it is a very good gaming experience with an open world.

When you complete any level or task you will get many exciting rewards as well as money to motivate you to play more.

Swimming and Graphics

GTA San Andreas Lite Apk also allows you to swim even if you want to hide in water to save from other gangsters or enjoy swimming in the water, you can use it.

The graphics are very well designed even though it is a very lightweight version of the original version.

You will see very good graphics and amazing sound quality that will give you a fantastic gaming experience.

So these are one of the most important features of GTA SA Lite Apk. And if you are finding it for your PC then you can read this guide.

GTA San Andreas Lite For PC

By the way, I can clearly say that you don’t need to download GTA San Andreas Lite on your PC because there is an official version for your PC.

You can easily download it from the Microsoft Store or any other website because at starting it was launched for Windows devices.



Who Made GTA SA lite Apk?

GTA SA lite apk is developed by rockstar games which published many parts in the GTA series.

What is the age Of CJ in GTA SA lite?

The birth date of CJ is 1968 and this game was launched in 1992 therefore we can assume that the Age of CJ is 24 yrs in the game.

Who can play GTA SA Lite APK?

According to Rockstar games it can be played by anyone above 18 aged therefore if your age is more than 18 yrs then you can easily play this game.

How to download GTA san Andreas lite apk + OBB?

Yes, GTA san Andreas lite apk + obb can easily download from our website you just need to choose OBB and apk file.

How to update GTA San Andreas Lite Apk?

If you already have GTA San Andreas Lite Apk then it can be updated from the notification whenever a new update will be released or you can bookmark our website.

Whenever new updates will be available they can be downloaded from here easily and free of cost.


I have given all information about GTA SA Lite Apk which is important for you and if you really liked this game then you can easily download it from the bottom link.

In fact, it is a combination of action and simulator games therefore probably it will be the best game for you.

Thank you for reading my article if you want to ask any questions or suggestions then comment below we will get back to you as soon as possible.

And also don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family thank you so much and keep supporting us.

Download GTA SA Lite Apk v.- [V11.0 ]
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