What is bitcoin and how to earn ?

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What is bitcoin and how to earn ?

how to earn bitcoin

In today’s time, bitcoin is the most expensive digital currency and investors are buying that with great interest.


You will be shocked after knowing that the price of 1 BTC is more than 35 lakhs in today’s time which was less than 1 rupee some years. That means if you bought bitcoin in 2013,  the price would be more than 35 lakhs.


Its demand will more go to be increase therefore I will tell you about bitcoins. And will provide you with how to buy Bitcoin.


How to earn free Bitcoin from the website?


Now, let’s know how free Bitcoin can be earned through a website.

  1. first of all, go to the website named (www.freebitco.in)  or you can visit from here as well.
  1. after opening the website click on the register or create a new account option and then make a new account by filing information such as name, Email, password, etc.
  1. at the time of making an account, you will get a confirmation email in your Gmail account from where you will need to verify.
  1. now you will see the option to claim your free Bitcoin.
  1. after that, you will need to solve the captcha and will have to click on the button named Roll.
  1. now some free satoshi bitcoin will be credited to your account. And it will depend on your destiny how much bitcoin will be credited to your account.
  1. after each one hour, you can roll the dice and earn free Bitcoin.
  2. when you will reach 0.0003 BTC you can transfer it into your Coinbase account.


Bitcoin is a digital currency that is stored digitally. It is neither touchable nor able to see which means it does not have any physical appearance like other currencies have. We can keep it by storing it in a digital wallet.


Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakmoro on 3 January 2003. We can use it to make international payments and many people are doing business by buying and selling when the price of a bitcoin increases they will sell it.

There is nothing like you must have to buy at least one bitcoin to keep it. you can buy Bitcoin in satoshi.  As a rupee is made from 100paise, bitcoin is made by meeting 10Cr satoshi.



Uses of bitcoin:-

  1. we can do online shopping through Bitcoin.
  1. You can be used for doing national and international payments.
  1. You can buy other cryptocurrencies through bitcoin means they can be exchanged.
  1. You can get money into your account straight after selling Bitcoin.


The technology behind the bitcoin:-


There are many people who want to invest in Bitcoin. But people are frightened to make digital investments in this fast-moving digital world. The main reason for this is that they do not understand the technology behind it.


If you want to invest in cryptocurrency or bitcoin. You will need to understand the technology in it.


Bitcoin is fully based on blockchain technology. Bitcoin technology is a type of open-source technology.


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