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Around a 16million people are spending their money on purchasing goods online? In this time, there are many eCommerce site apps that can be seen on any person’s smartphone, tablet, or laptop. An eCommerce site is there in many names like Flipkart, amazon, snapdeal, eBay, etc. we all know that there are many sites on the internet where we can our preferred things at a reasonable price. What is eCommerce site in actuality?


An eCommerce site is a way in which thousands of people are buying required goods at a reasonable price without going out and also without taking a risk. The real meaning of an eCommerce site is selling or buying goods through the internet.


The eCommerce site has begun in 1979. Steadily that time all the company was sharing their info that’s it.  Jeff Bezos started an eCommerce store in 1994. Today Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce company at that time jeff Bezos started its server from a garage. Amazon was just selling books at the beginning.

How to make an eCommerce website?

Ecommerce is also called an online business that is run by a person. Ecommerce is made from two words “E” means “Electronics” and Commerce means “business”. When you do business through an electronic medium, it is called eCommerce.

Ecommerce is also a business with which you can earn a lot of money. The popularity of it is increasing day by day on the internet. Making An eCommerce website is not easy and it can not be done by anyone. You should have knowledge about it before making it.

Which things are required to make an eCommerce website?

Today we will know important things that are required to make eCommerce website.


1. Money:-

We require dire in money to do any kind of business. In the same way, you will require a lot of money before starting an eCommerce site because without investing money no business can be completed. To start an online business you will need money.

Whatever products you will have on your eCommerce site, you will need money for that as well. There are many things where you will have to invest money. Therefore money is very important for starting an online eCommerce site if you have so much money with the help of it you can open own eCommerce store only then invests money in that otherwise no.


2. Planning:-

We need to do planning to start our business. You will not able to determine that what have you to do ahead, you will not able to concentrate there and you will have to face many problems ahead. Planning is also an important thing for starting an online business.


3. Domain name:-

You will have to have a domain on the internet to start eCommerce site, for instance, works as an address on the world of internet through which buyer can find your website to purchase. Most of the names of the domain are in .com or .net. Your domain must be the same as the name in about that you want to make eCommerce site.


4. Web hosting:-

You will need web hosting for your website with that users can see your website on the internet. the work of that service is only to keep all your files and data in a different place.

And whenever any person will write the name of your website in his/her browser then that web hosting will send that all files and data to his/her browser with which users can access your website easily.


5. Website:-

The most important thing is for your website is the website. If you have deep knowledge about how to make a website then you can make your website by own and if you don’t have then you can make your from a web designer after giving him money. You should think that how your website will look.

And for which things your website is made, you should show the features of it as like you are making an eCommerce website then you should show that all products which you want to sell.

The design of your website should be attractive with which people get attracted to your website, you will get happy with it and also get profit.


6. Shopping cart software:-

The first objective of your website is to sell products to the customer and to sell product you will need a shopping cart software. That software gives chance to your customer to see products that are on your website, and whichever they like can be purchased.

Shopping cart software gives permission to your customers to buy products safely by using a credit card. This software keeps protected your all details of credit card and preffered product.

7. Merchant service provider:-

An online business never accept cash payment through website,  that will require a merchant the service provider whose work is to keep protected information related to credit card and debit card.

This service maintains contacts between a customer and a credit card. That processes payment that is  given by customer and takes money from credit card information that is given and sends to the merchants account.


Making an eCommerce website is not much hard if you have all the things that are given above, then you can make an eCommerce website easily and can earn a good income.

Now I will tell the advantages of an eCommerce site:-

1. World Wide Reach:-

The most and best advantage of an eCommerce  site i  that you can sell your product to anywhere to the world with the help of it.

2.  Universal Standard:-

If you sell your product much far with better services then it will hold more,  along with it people will purchase it and also will become more popular. For example, if your shop is in an area of the city than people only know who lives there  and the eCommerce site like eBay and amazon that is popular not only in the country but also in the world.


Expecting that you may get some knowledge from this article and it will be helpful for you in the future.


Thank you for reading my article if you have any suggestion or question comment below we will get back to you with an answer.

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