India G20 Presidency 2023

Going forward, the G20 will also be an opportunity to showcase India, the ‘Mother of Democracy,’ in all its glory and diversity as it scales new heights of excellence in just about every area, ranging from economic progress to science and technology, space, innovation and start-ups. India will host 200 plus G20-related meetings in 56 different places in India, bringing delegates from different countries to visit this vibrant and diverse country. For many visitors, a G20 event will be their first taste and experience of India, and hence all Indians need to put their best foot forward to welcome the world and treat them as part of one family. This primer comprises short crisply-written narratives on key themes under India’s G20 presidency to familiarise students and researchers with major focus areas and priorities of what India seeks to achieve in the next 12 months during its leadership of the 20-nation body. We hope that India will consolidate its credentials as a global influencer and leave its indelible imprint on the G20 process that seeks to create a more inclusive and equitable world.

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