Max The Elf Full Game Free v4.11 [tHoodie] [All Device]

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Max The Elf Full Game Free v4.11 [tHoodie] [All Device]

Are you in search of Max The Elf Full Game's latest version for all devices? then you are in the best place to download.Max The Elf is a role-playing game where players need to wear sweatshirts and ex

Name Max The Elf
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version 4.11
Size 435MB
Genre Role Playing
Publisher tHoodie
Google Play Link

Are you in search of Max The Elf Full Game’s latest version for all devices? then you are in the best place to download.

Max The Elf is a role-playing game where players need to wear sweatshirts and explore the entire world.

What is Max The Elf?

It is a famous role-playing animation-based game where you can feel animated graphics like we used to see in Japanese manga series during childhood.

In Max The Elf, you will have to complete all the tasks that have been given to you while playing.

If you complete all missions within a certain time limit which has been pre-decided then you will receive many rewards that can be redeemed to buy new hoodies.

But you must remember that Max The Elf full game comes with so many gaming modes therefore each mode contains a unique story so you may find differences in the story while playing.

max the elf download

Game Story

You can easily understand everything from the name of the game Max The Elf. The name of main character is MAX and she is an elf.

Max is an elf and she is small creatures with magical powers and pointed ears so it is an action game too.

I will explain more details of different modes because every mode comes with unique story.

So here I have only explained main story of Max The Elf Full Game. Basically, the main character has powers to do anything such as wearing new exciting clothes to attract other characters.

This game has captivated so many players around the world so there is no exaggeration in saying that it already won the hearts of million people from the globe.

Features of Max The Elf

Now let me discuss some features of Max The Elf in the below section so that user can learn more about it.

Unique Opponent

This is very unique feature. The more levels and missions you complete, you will encounter additional levels unlocked.

Fight with various type of enemies such as normal and super power contained creatures who can blow away you within seconds.

While playing hard levels, it is necessary to have high score achieved in previous levels so that the player will receive extra skill and power.

max the elf t hoodie

Marvelous Graphics

Besides, the story the player will going to experience amazing quality graphics but only if you are premium member of patreon

But you don’t need to feel bad we are here to solve your problem, you can download high quality added Max The Elf full game from here, yes you have heard absolutely right.

So don’t wait just download the latest version of Max The Elf t hoodie from our website.

Customize your character

The player can get so many dresses and outfits. Apart from this, you can also get new accessories, weapons and much more things too.

So by using all items, you can make your player more destructive and dangerous for your enemy.

They will need to thing hundred times before attacking you so it will be the best for you to customize main character to look very special from other players.

Multiple Modes

It is one of very few games that contain different kinds of modes; all of them have been described below.

Puzzle Mode

This is specially made for puzzle lovers. Along with puzzles, it will also enhance your problem solving skills too.You know that solving puzzles will sharpen your brain powers which are best for you.

Exploration mode

As the name of mode gives you an idea about it that this is especially for the people who like to explore everything just like them explore vast places of the world.

Find new secrets and hidden truth from all places. Apart from this, it will give you rewards and coins for discovering new secrets.

t hoodie max the elf

Story Mode

It is the main level therefore really sorry for making at on the third place but in terms of level you will find that it has everything such as fighting, doing adventures and much more things.

Time Trial Mode

This is very strange mode because it allows you to complete all mission within allocated time. If you can’t complete the mission then you will be declared as defeated.

It will make you a punctual person who can complete any task within time limits.

Multi Player Mode

It is not new therefore I don’t think so it is important to explain about this in brief. So in simple words, I would say that you can play Max The Elf Game with your friends and colleague to increase thrill.

How to install Max The Elf Full Game?

After downloading, just remember all the steps that have been explained below so that you won’t find it difficult to install it.

  • Download the latest version of Max The Elf from the bottom link.
  • Now choose file according to your device from windows, Mac and android.
  • Then extract Max The Elf full game file.
  • For android paste the OBB file to Android/OBB/com.gamepackagename
  • For other device just Extract file and click on RUN.
  • Congratulations Max The Elf has been successfully added to your device.

However, don’t be get hesitated to let us know if you are facing any problem while installing it on your device.

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So in the climax, I would describe summary of Max The Elf full game so that if you only want to know few details you can easily get from here.

It is the combination of multiple categories but this game can be considered as captivating role-playing game.

Feel an exciting moment of playing a character of an ELF with super powers.  This game is entirely filled with action, adventure and magic too.

However, sound quality is also very good; you can hear different sounds while reaching at various places.

You can also support the official developer of the game t hoodie for making such an amazing game.

In the last word I can only say that don’t forget to share Max The Elf post with your friends and other members so that they can also experience this amazing game.

Download Max The Elf v.4.11 [435MB ]
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