My Hero Rising APK v0.67 (Free) Download for Android

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My Hero Rising APK v0.67 (Free) Download for Android

My Hero Rising APK is very amazing superhero adventure game that allows you to protect your city from evil forces.However, this type of interesting and thrilling story can easily captivate players to

Name My Hero Rising
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version 0.67
Size 572 MB
Genre Adventure
Publisher Daraus
Google Play Link

My Hero Rising APK is very amazing superhero adventure game that allows you to protect your city from evil forces.

However, this type of interesting and thrilling story can easily captivate players to choose, to play this game.

In My Hero Rising APK, the main role of the protagonist is to guard a peaceful city from the eye of evil villains. Not only do you get high responsibility but also get some incredible magical powers to get victory over your enemies.

Plot of My Hero Rising

Now let me tell you the full story of the game. There is one super hero and he did not know about his powers. He recently completed his graduation from Arizona University.

Suddenly, a gang of villains attacked your home and to save them you followed them but you reached another mysterious place.

From that place, you had received many superpowers that would help you to conquer your enemy in seconds.

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Features of My Hero Rising APK

In this paragraph, all the important qualities will be given so that all new users can easily understand more knowledge about My Hero Rising.

Beautiful characters

The best thing that attracts users is the appearance of characters; if any player wants to have fun with pretty characters they can do so.

It will increase the excitement of the players towards the game therefore the developer has added some attractive female characters.

New scenes added

the latest version of My Hero Rising APK comes with two more scenes. The first level is very large and the 2nd one is small but you can explore all those new levels.

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Hidden Mini Games

There will be many hidden games but the strange thing is that you will have to find all those by yourself because it has been hidden to make it more interesting for players.

The players will be required to decode some puzzles that will be asked of them while finding hidden mini-games.

It could be tough for you as it requires having good logical thinking and memory power but letting me clear that I mean the level is very hard but if you keep patience then it can be unlocked easily.

Attractive Graphics

The graphics of My Hero Rising APK are very good with realistic experience. It has animation graphics with 2D visuals so you may think that you are watching a cartoon movie on your device.

Even the graphics are in 2D animated style, I have seen that many site owners are saying that it has 3D graphics but believe me all those are liars.

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It comes with a very simple user interface therefore any player can easily navigate all the options from the menu. They can find necessary options like game modes pause and resume etc options from menu bars.

Especially, My Hero Rising APK is free to download which means you don’t have to pay anything for playing and downloading.

Multiplayer Mode

It supports multiplayer mode which means if any user is feeling bored while playing then they can even invite their friends to play My Hero Rising APK.

As it allows you to play this game with your friends in multiplayer mode and you can also use PVP and story mode let me explain about those new modes.

PVP Mode

The full form is Player versus player mode in this, you can fight with other players and test your skills which will show you that where you will need to improve.

Story-telling mode

In this, you can see the tutorial of all levels of My Hero Rising APK and it looks like a movie so you will not get bored watching the full tutorial.

Training Mode

This mode will allow you to train yourself properly to fight with your opponent players. You can learn how to attack and how to use various skills to defend yourself in front of the opponent.

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How to install My Hero Rising APK on Android?

If you are a new user then it is very important for you because you will learn the installation process of My Hero Rising in this section.

  1. The first step is to download My Hero Rising APK from our website.
  2. Then activate unknown sources from the settings (if this step has been followed then skip it and move to the third step.
  3. Now install the My Hero Rising_Apkgrape file from your download folder.
  4. Click on Install and wait for a few seconds.
  5. Congratulations My Hero Rising APK has been successfully installed on your mobile phone.

Apart from this, you can also try other alternatives such as Corruption of champions, FILF APK, Jump Harem APK and etc.


So we can say that My Hero Rising is a very good action and adventure combination game where you will not only witness adventure levels but action levels too.

However, to get the latest version of My Hero Rising APK, you must visit our site or the official page of the developer to learn more at least once a week.

Thank you for reading my article and don’t forget to share this post my hero rising with your friends and family.

Download My Hero Rising v.0.67 [572 MB ]
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