OnlyTik Apk v1.3.9 Download Free Latest Version

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OnlyTik Apk v1.3.9 Download Free Latest Version

If You Are looking for the latest version of OnlyTik APK, then you are in a fine place to download it for absolutely free it is the premium app from here.OnlyTik Apk is the adult version of the social

Name Onlytik
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version v1.3.9
Size 25MB
Genre App
Google Play Link

If You Are looking for the latest version of OnlyTik APK, then you are in a fine place to download it for absolutely free it is the premium app from here.

OnlyTik Apk is the adult version of the social media app TikTok, you know that TikTok is the 5th largest and most popular social media app after Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

remember that it contains only adult content of TikTok which is uploaded by users. it is fully illegal to watch those contents.

By using onlytic apk you can easily watch all adult videos on your Android smartphone. You know that TikTok is a social media app that is being used by almost every age of people therefore TikTok has introduced its rules.


What is OnlyTik APK?

As I already said OnlyTik Apk is an adult content app. All videos that have been removed from TikTok can be found inside this app.

Which, you can’t upload any adult or explicit content if anyone uploads their account will be removed from their site. Therefore TikTok launched only Tik a named application that supports adult content. But if adult content is banned in your country then you can not use this app.

You can use it only if you turn on the VPN and change your server. So if you want to download the latest version of only tik you can download it from the below link.

Onlytik app provides the best adult content that entertains you more also if we use the original TikTok version then you will not be able to watch any other videos.

Also, this app was recently launched so it is not much popular and we know that TikTok is most popular among teenagers. So you can see this version of TikTok.

I have already given information that this is the adult version of the TikTok app.’


Why use OnlyTik APK?

OnlyTik APK is specially made for adults who are above 18+ therefore if you are above 18 and want to use this application you can download it because it contains adult content.

Also, there is many other application that provides you with an online football stream but this application came with the number 1 option.

If you would like to download Only Tik APK then you can simply download it by visiting the bottom download link

onlytic is becoming more and more famous day by day among adults so you can also try this app if you like then bookmark our website we will update the app whenever a new update comes.


Make Your Own Video

Before Sometimes we were all used to watching videos for more than 4mins but now in this busy world, no one has so much time to watch long videos even for entertainment that is why new companies have come up with ideas for making short video apps.

in the shorts videos app, you can create videos not more than 1 minute for entertainment or even for any other purpose by using this concept TikTok was launched and it became famous within days of being launched.

after some time also other companies realized that we needed to make a short video app that allows users to upload 18+ videos without having the risk of being banned that is why 18+ TikTok was launched and it may become famous if more and more users will join.



Every application has its own features and it also has its own features, therefore, we have discussed one of the most vital advanced features of adult TikTok so let’s see those features.

Third-party app

I would like to say that onlytik is a third-party application which means it is not launched by TikTok. It is launched by a third party but it will provide content that is removed by TikTok.

therefore you don’t need to worry about the restrictions in this application, you can easily use this app without being banned by app developers.

Lite app

This application is the lite version so it will be only 15MB in size so you don’t need to worry about your device storage as other apps use.

anyone can install onlytic app on their smartphone even if they have a very low-end mobile phone which has only 1GB RAM in their phone.

No account creation is required

If you are using the original TikTok version then you know that you have to register first to use TikTok but in only tik app, you don’t need to create an account to watch any content of the platform.

However, if you want to upload short videos in this application then you will need to create and register your account otherwise you can use it totally without registering.

Beautiful Ui

Onlytik apk has much beautiful and very easy user interface it looks the same as TikTok so you will get all the categories on the homepage.

Also, there is a new application launched which is similar to this application named Tiktok 18 Plus Apk, kindly check this app too, you will surely like this app.

Free to use

it is absolutely free to use. it means you can easily use this app without paying any charges also you will get many features that you may never get in the original version.

Daily updates

we will provide you daily updates of only tik or whenever a new update comes just visit our website and update this app from apkgrape, you can download this app

Also, there is many similar application that offers you the same content which can be seen only tik and these applications are onlyfans++, fyptt download both app also offers you the same content with some advanced features, you can check these apps too.

Onlytik apk download

You know that short videos are becoming more and more famous because they entertain the audience more and more.

even though we can make short videos and earn money easily some popular apps like TikTok have many restrictions on the production of content so you need an app that does not have any high restrictions.

Therefore onlytik app was launched to provide users with the safety of their accounts if you use other short apps then your account might get banned permanently for making 18+ videos.

but if we use onlytic then we don’t need to be worried about the account banning your account will always be in good condition.

also, there are many users who have had a positive experience in using this apk app because it does not put any kind of restrictions even though we all know that 18+ content has a high chance of being viral as shorts.


Scroll to find new contents

in onlytik app, you will not get so many options to find new content, you can find new videos by scrolling it up and down. when you scroll up the new videos will appear on the app.

it is a completely new method of finding videos this trend is being added in almost every new short video application.

if you are a user of Instagram then you surely know that we do scrolling in reels, and we find new reels. it is exactly the same you just have to scroll to watch new content.

the option of comments, likes, and heart emojis is on the right side of the video so that everybody can express their views about a particular video.


More useful information

OnlyTik Apk can be found in the adult category and it is developed by OnlyTik. We can see the rating (average) on our website easily and it is 4.1 out of 5.

and it was updated on 20 August 2022, this app was updated on 25th November 2022. This app has been downloaded almost 57910 times.


How do I Download OnlyTik APK for free?

1.    First of all, go to the bottom of the page and click the download link which is provided.
2.    Only Tik APK will be downloaded on your phone.
3.    Then Go to Settings, then Security.
4.    Activate unknown sources if already activated then skip this step.
5.    Find the APK file named onlytic by apkgrape on your phone it should be in the download folder by default.
6.    Install the App that you have downloaded and follow the instructions.
7.    If you have a problem installing any app please comment below or contact us.

Final judgment

Therefore, it Is the new modern application that gives full freedom to users instead of imposing different rules on creators and users.

If you want to watch every type of content from comedy to 18+, you can watch all these stuff on this application

So the decision is yours whether to use it or not? thank you for reading this article onlytik apk if you want to ask anything then comment below.

Download Onlytik v.v1.3.9 [25MB ]
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