Punchy Action Comedy Polite Society Is A Rip-Roaring Delight

Provided, of course, that he has one. The first half of the film, a riveting fantasy-action-heist movie, casts doubt over whether Ria’s really onto something, or just hoping to. Is she worried that Salim will hurt her sister? Or that Lena’s marriage will hurt their sisterly bond? Through Ria, the film becomes a cautionary tale about the perils of being so caught up in invented fictions, you lose sight of what’s real. When Polite Dreams does arrive at its revelation, it’s with a bluntness uncharacteristic of the same genres it so elegantly borrows from. Manzoor’s caustic commentary on how women of a marriageable age are viewed, slipped into the film the way one would conceal a razor blade within a delectable chocolate bar, begins to undercut the lighthearted silliness of the first half. Despite the engaging fights and a cheeky ‘Maar Dala’ sequence enlivened by Kansara’s wholehearted dedication to the bit, the tone falters when the stakes, earlier the result of childish shenanigans, now become all-too real. The previously heightened tone jars, with scenes that play out like vivid daydreams are set in the real world.

The strength of Polite Society’s writing, however, is that no matter how many times Ria gets knocked down, you want to believe that the plucky character, and the equally game actress playing her, will get back up. And that the girl who’s spent a lifetime lost in detailed fantasies will direct this movie to an ending worthy of her imagination. 

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