Shots in Carrom Every Player Should Learn and Master

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Shots in Carrom Every Player Should Learn and Master

Ever since the carrom game emerged in a town called Patiala in India, it has maintained a strong influence in the real world. World War 1 saw it widely captured the public’s interest and spread as a viral game that everyone got addicted to.


The new world of digitalization is now getting the best taste of the game without the hassle of carrying around a carrom board. You can download carrom game and enjoy the same features of the classic game on your mobile phone. It’s crazy how far technology has come to make everything so convenient for us! But first, it is essential to master the game to enjoy it to its fullest.


Let us look into some of the best shots; you must learn to play a good game of carrom and become a proper player who presents a challenge every time they grace the playing board.

Middle Shot

This is the first shot that every player learns on the carrom board, but it takes a good while to master it properly. You can play this shot when all the coins are in the middle of the board or at other times as well when pieces randomly align themselves in the center. One thing to be noted is that the coins in the middle are the farthest from any pocket on the board; therefore, trying to drop them is not that easy. You have to measure out the range quite a few times to get a clear shot into the pocket, and this takes a few rounds and regular playing to get used to. It is a difficult move, but once you master the middle shot, your sense of angle in the shooting will improve drastically.

Board Shot

This carrom shot is used when one coin is lying close to the pocket on your side of the board, and there is no possibility of hitting it directly. In this case, you must hit the board’s top side and then the coin on the rebound. To be skillful in playing such a shot, players must develop strength in their fingers so that the striker can travel back to their side after hitting the top board. This shot is most effective on a smooth board, so always try to play on a polished, powdered surface. It is a handy shot to learn as players also get an opportunity to push aside the coins of the rival team with enough power and precision.

Back Shot

This shot utilizes the thumb more than the middle finger, which is how most carrom players play their game. When a coin is in either of the two base pockets of your board, you can make the shot to score points. To play this shot, you need to exercise proper use of your thumb and maintain the level of power you are using. You might encounter a foul while making this shot, so it is best if you practice a lot. If the coin is near the pocket, you have just slightly to hit it at an angle, and if it is further away, you have to use a sharper angle and a strong shot. The theory will only get you halfway, so you should practice it for yourself right away.

Cut Shot

Cut shots are the sharper shots in carrom and require a lot of finesse when playing. This type of middle shot is played only when one coin is in the center of the board. The player has to place their striker at an angle of the coin and shoot it in the right or left pocket, whichever is more apparent. Slowly slide the carrom to the piece, which will cut it, so it smoothly slides into the desired pocket. This shot is about precision and less about how much power you use.

Alley Loop

This is a special move that is especially useful in doubles games. Playing carrom in doubles is tricky as you must silently observe the game from a distance and maintain a partnership with your player, which is quite hard to do at most times. In this scenario, when you see no chances for you to play a shot on the board, you choose to push the pieces toward your partner’s side, so their chances improve on the next shot. The timing of this shot takes a long time to master and execute; if this trick shot is used constantly, the strategy is revealed, and rivals will devise a block the next time you play this game.

Third Pocket

This is a more advanced level of shot and requires a seasoned player to execute it carefully. The player has to hit the striker aiming the coin toward the bottom side of the board so that it rebounds and drops into the top left pocket. If the coin you are playing is on the left side of the board, you must drop it in the right-hand top corner. To get this right keep your eye on the coin and focus less on the pocket, and you will surely get it.

Final Words

Carrom is a fantastic game; the more shots you learn, the more capable you become of mastering any formidable rival in the game. In most carrom shots, precision is critical, and you have to get the angle perfect when making your shots on the board. Try these listed shots, and over time, your game is bound to improve, making you a deserved master of carrom.

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