Tamilisai says hurdles won’t slow her down

HYDERABAD: Governor Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan has once again made it clear that even if circumstances get difficult for her in Telangana, she will continue to keep working for the betterment of lives of people in the state. In her Republic Day address to the state at the Raj Bhavan on Wednesday, the Governor, whose stand on several issues was met with some trenchant criticism from the state government and the ruling party leaders, said “some may not like me. But I like the people of Telangana. So, irrespective of hard it gets, I will keep working.”

Saying “standing here on the holy soil of Telangana, I feel immensely honoured to unfurl the national flag,” the Governor also made it clear that hurdles thrown at her will not deter her declaring “in the development of the people of Telangana, my role will definitely be there. My big strength is hard work, honesty, and love. We will keep up the honour of Telangana. Let’s save democracy in Telangana. Let’s keep our rights. My connection to Telangana is not for three years but was there from my birth.”

Even as she said everyone should take pride for their contribution towards inclusive development of the state, the Governor recalled Dr BR Ambedkar’s line on how there must not be a class that has got all the privileges, and a class that has got all the burden to the poor.

Expanding on this, she said: “New buildings are not for development, nation building is for development. All the farmers and the marginalized people should have farms and houses. Few should not have farm houses. That is not development. Everyone should have equal share in development. It is not development to say I am sending my child abroad to study. Every child should study in universities with world class infrastructure.”

The Telangana Governor, whose address was one of hope for the state and its development, was also acutely critical of the state when she said: “But when we project all our positive aspects, we have to think about the stressful conditions in Telangana. Statistics show 22 suicides occur in the state every day. That is one suicide approximately every hour.” She called on the youth not to give up, muster up courage to face challenges thrown at them by life, and be an inspiration to others on overcoming adversity and achieving success.

She said the Republic Day is a reminder of the supremacy of the Constitution and that the ultimate power rests with the people of the country. “The Republic empowers people to design the destiny of the country through their collective will. I am happy to note that Telangana was made possible through Article 3 of the Constitution. The state was formed after a 60 year relentless struggle exemplified by our Medaram warriors, the deities Samakka and Saralamma,  Komram Bheem, Chakali Ailamma and countless others

Paying rich tributes to the hard work of people, she said Telangana presents a unique blend of history, heritage, and modernity, and is known for its unity in diversity.

Hyderabad, she said, is fast emerging as key symbol of India’s modern development with its strong presence in science and technology over the past few decades. Complimenting farmers for adopting climate resilient and sustainable farming in the state, she said “I salute the spirit of our farmers for this transformation ensuring food security. The state is also witnessing tremendous expansion of national highways putting making it one of the best-connected states. I thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for allocating the lion’s share of in this sector.”

Dr Tamilisai said there were several initiatives from the Raj Bhavan contributing for the all-round development of the state. “As the first citizen it will be my privilege and honur to contribute and supplement to the welfare of people of Telangana,” she said, and recalled her initiatives on providing nutritious food to tribals, special emphasis to fighting anemia among tribal women, improving livelihoods, holding medical camps and providing bike amubulances in tribal habitations adopted by the office of the Governor.

She said she appeals to “my beloved people of Telangana to redidcate to the development of the state, to promote and practice core ideas like justice, liberty, equality and fraternity enshrined in our Indian Constitution.”


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