Teaching Feeling APK Download Free 2024

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Teaching Feeling APK Download Free 2024

If you are a mature person then teaching Feeling apk will surely make you very emotional because the story of this game is very emotional and it also teaches you many things.Because everyone in this w

Name Teaching Feeling APK
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version 3.0.23
Size 440.3 MB
Genre Comics
Publisher FreakilyCharming
Google Play Link com.teachingfeeling.game

If you are a mature person then teaching Feeling apk will surely make you very emotional because the story of this game is very emotional and it also teaches you many things.

Because everyone in this world should understand the value of society, this is the best quote that you will learn by playing this game.


This game is totally imaginary game we can also say that this is a kind of fictional story. But teaching feeling APK will teach you many things if you learn the motive behind this game.

One day you will meet Sylvie, who is a young woman and has been left behind. She requires care and some attention. And your role in this game is that you have to mentor and instruct her to make her a stable person.

This woman will keep getting better but along with this, you will face many fresh challenges because it is an adult game.

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Version : V3.0.23 |  Developer : FreakilyCharming|  Size : 519MB

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teaching feeling apk

What is Teaching Feeling APK?

Now you might have understood that teaching feeling apk game will teach you many things and now let’s talk about the challenges that you will face.

You are the master of her and she will do whatever you will say to her now it is depending upon you what can you say.  Also, you will get to know that she was tortured by her previous owner and her health is not good as well.

Even though the teaching feeling Apk is a game the main aim of this game is to enhance your empathy and ability to interact with a variety of individual people. It will also teach you how to deal with people who have major personality disorders.

teaching feeling download


The concept of the story

Anyone who plays this game has to play the role of a doctor. Now an older man will come to your house because you have helped him in the past and you will also realize this after some time

And for that, he also brings a little girl with him and that little girl has severe scars on her body, therefore, that old man wants you to take care of her and give her shelter and this is the beginning of this game teaching feelings.

Reveals one’s true colors

Children are also shown how their actions affect others, which helps them to become more accountable when they become adults. Even you will get the option to select the difficulty level of the game according to your needs.

But anyone can play this game if anyone is interested in playing this game. Also, there are very less action buttons so anyone can play this game easily and joyfully.


This game motivates us to take good care of Sylvie. You are required to assist her to become strong physically and emotionally. The main reason behind it because she has experienced a very difficult life in her past.

She was constantly experiencing agony in her life and you are an unknown person to her and she has no idea what anything means. Also, you will get three choices for engaging a girl in a quiet conversation.

teaching feelings download android

Rubbing Her Head

The sign of affection and sympathy is this choice. She doesn’t respond when you first rub her head since she doesn’t understand what you’re doing. She appreciates your affectionate head-rubbing and smiles at you when you do it repeatedly.

Speak with her

You have the option of engaging in conversation with Sylvie to help her feel more at ease and to build a relationship with someone, communication is very essential.

Tug Her

She finds the third and final choice terrifying. She turns weird if you touch her at first due to her troubled past. And if you keep caressing her, she will pass away. Therefore, use caution when handling her.

Since you are behaving as her master, she never protests when you treat her unfairly. She becomes seriously unwell and may pass away.

teaching feeling apk

Key Features

Teaching Feeling apk has many features but I will only discuss the most important features that should be known before using this game so let’s start.

Good Graphics

The graphics of Teaching Feeling 3.0 Apk are very good.  Everyone knows that most games become famous just because of their high-quality graphics therefore you will see very good graphics in this game.


You can easily customize your character if you want to dress up the master to look very good or you want to dress up another character you can easily do this all in this game teaching feeling 3.0.

Novel Type Story

If you are a fan of reading novel stories then surely you will like this game because the story of teaching feelings apk looks very similar to any novel where you have to act as a kind person.

teaching feeling android english apk download

Very Beautiful Anime girls

Teaching Feelings apk gives you all the high-quality characters and most famous anime girls who also look so beautiful. If anyone like anime girls’ characters or anime-related games then you will surely enjoy this game.

Multi-language support

You can play it in multiple languages so if you like English or you can use any other language with which you are more familiar.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading our article and staying with us to get more quality content like this on our website. We will keep sharing valuable content for valuable audiences like you.

I hope that I have explained everything to you about Teaching Feeling APK but even if you want to ask any questions or want to give suggestions comment below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

And also I request you to share this article with your family, friends, or others. I really need you all so that I can easily provide all the necessary information to all of you.


Download Teaching Feeling APK v.3.0.23 [440.3 MB ]
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