What are Google algorithm updates? And how does it work?

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What are Google algorithm updates? And how does it work?


What are Google algorithm updates? And how does it work?


If you are a blogger, this is not a new thing that what is google algorithm and how it works. Because you may have listened to SEO updates in your blogging career.

This is because these google algorithm updates have been created for good seo practice. The right seo practice means that you should not use any illegal methods or you can also call them blackhat seo.

This blackhat seo can give you results soon but it will not be for a long time. It means that you can rank your content and post in google earlier and you can earn good money from it but these all will be temporary.

To stop these illegal activities google has made its algorithm even better with these new seo updates. Which can prevent the illegal methods of bloggers, internet marketers, and other bots. If you are too using these methods, you too definitely will be a victim of these new seo updates.

Therefore it is very much important to keep informed of these new seo updates for all internet users.

I thought just because of this, it is very important to give information to all about new google algorithm updates.


What is Google Algorithm?

Google algorithm is a very complex system that is used to retrieve data from the search index and to deliver instantly to the user and that too should be the best possible results in any query.

These search engines use a combination of many algorithms and ranking signals to show the correct and relevant web pages according to their rank on search engine results page. With this, users get the right answer to their searched question on the same results page and their search experience would be very good.

In the beginning years, google had done very few updates in their algorithm,  but now thousands of updates are being done in their algorithm only every year. but these updates are such small that can be seen by anyone.

But on some occasions, they bring such major updates in their algorithm with which a big impact can be seen in SERP.

In this situation, it is very much important to keep information about such new major SEO updates. Let’s know about some major SEO updates

1. Fred

2. Intrusive Interstitial Updates

3. Mobilegeddon

4. RankBrain

5. Panda

6. Penguin

7. Hummingbird

8. Pigeon

9. Payday

10. EMD(Exact Match Domain)

11. Page Layout algorithm

These are new SEO updates. Now let’s know about some very important updates.


Important Google updates:-

1. Google panda

2. Google Penguin

3. Google Hummingbird

4. Spam Brain ( spam Update 2022)

Google Panda is a special part of the algorithm that mainly pays more attention to the quality of the content.

Google penguin update mainly focuses on the quality of the links.

Google hummingbird mainly pays attention to handling conversational search queries correctly.


What is a google panda update?

Google Panda update pays more attention to the content of the site when they rank sites to the Google search results. Therefore the site which site has lower content,  Google panda has been impacted very badly on them.

This panda update is introduced firstly on 23 February 2011.

Due to this, the higher-quality content was given more importance and they were given the top position in the search results, while the low-quality content was pushed back.

When Google Panda was originally launched, it was seen that this time it was targeting content farms specifically, which had become a huge problem on the search results because despite there being low-quality content, it was only having high volume due to this, they have seen above in the search result.

These sites were not doing any research before publishing articles and there were publishing many low-quality contents in very little time. Therefore any user searches for anything, then he used to get these pages and did not get any information.

Especially, for this reason, Google made part of the core algorithm for panda updates. If any update will come now, it will be updated in these core algorithms.


Who was more impacted by the Google Panda update:-

Thin content:-

Which site does not have good quality such as not being good content, grammatical and spelling mistakes, does not have the correct format, poor good page navigation, no relevancy in the image, etc. in this situation, users have to be distraught.


Low-quality content:-

Sites which does not have good quality content such as low-quality content, not having good content, low-quality page navigation, and lack of relevancy of image, etc. in such situation, users have to be very distraught.

Having unhelpful content:-

Such content is of no use to readers, Google does not give importance to them.


Duplicate Text:-

It happens very often that many bloggers copy the content of other bloggers and do not give credit to them, which they are termed as duplicate text.  They also become a victim of the google panda update.


Article spinning:-

Many times bloggers do changes to save duplicate content, even trying to publish it in their blog posts. This is also not right according to the update of google panda.


How to recover our site from the update of Google panda:-

If you are a victim of the google panda update as well, then you will have to take care of the points given above. Along with this, if you have such type of content in your blog, then you must have to delete them or if that is low-quality content, you will have to make them correct.


What is Google penguin update?

The second biggest update that was come in Google algorithm is Google penguin. The main purpose of this update is to check link quality and quantity. This penguin update was firstly introduced on 14th April 2012.

Sites that have purchased links or there are low-quality links in their blog which is come from quality directories, blog spam, and link badges, then they might have faced penguin updates. Due to their sites would not have been ranked on Google.

Most of the site owners did not have to worry about this update if they had not used such methods for backlinks. Or they would not have hired a seo expert who follows such tactics.

Therefore even if you did not want, you might have faced problems, so before hiring any seo consultants or seo agency do research about this subject.  If you have used link-building tactics that were acceptable at that time but not now, then you will have the impact of the Google penguin update.

For example, guest blogging was right some years, but now there are many changes done like link building you must use the correct site which is similar to your site.


Who was most impacted by the google penguin update?

Buying links:-

If you are purchasing links from outside to increase the ranking of your website, then this is a gross violation of google webmaster guidelines because you can never take a link by giving money to anyone.


Not having different anchor text:-

The links that we add in the text are called anchor text, so if all text links are referring to your blog and if it was coming from the same anchor text then it will definitely make an impact on that blog,  and doing such things is not good.


Low-quality links:-

If you are getting a link from somewhere and its quality of content is very low, then it can have a negative impact on your blog.


Keyword stuffing:-

This is a very easy way to rank a keyword in which you have to use targeted keywords in your blog over and over, this is called keyword stuffing.


How to recover our site from the google penguin update?

If you want to save yourself from this update, then you will have to remove all the low-quality links from your blog completely. To do this, You have to disavow such links from the google search console.


What is the Google Hummingbird update?

The third most important update is the google hummingbird update. This is also a main important part of the Google search algorithm. And there has been a major change in the algorithm since 2001.

The things which make the difference in hummingbird update is that not only because it is spam targeting the algorithm, but this is an algorithm that ensures that shows the best results of specific queries.

The main purpose of hummingbird is that it understands the search queries of the user. It also pays more attention to conversational search. Its makers believe that hummingbird has a better impact on those types of sites that provide high-quality content and provide the searcher with the right answers or results to their questions. With this, the user experience is also very good.

For example, If you want to know about any subject, then they won’t show the homepage of the company but if there is any internal page related to this thing where they have more information about that subject then it will be shown in the search results.

Thank you for reading my article if you have any questions or suggestions comment below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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