What is Google Codelabs? Know more facts about it

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What is Google Codelabs? Know more facts about it

Do you want to learn to program? Or learning any other programming language coding? If your answer is yes, then you must read about this post: google Codelabs and take admission in it.

Yes, my dear friends, you will be given knowledge about coding by Google. But you should have a minimum  12th pass to participate in it. If you want to learn more about google code labs, you must read this article until the end.

As we all know that Google made its name very unique and different in the world of coding. Today everybody we see wants to work at google. In this situation, if you get any chance to learn coding from google, no one will ignore this.

In the same way, if Google is starting a new initiative, we should participate in that. Therefore I thought that it is better to create an article about this particular topic.


What is Google Codelabs?

Google codelabs are a type of lab whose main purpose is to introduce people to coding experience. They provide us the information about how to build applications from scratch after joining here. They also provide information about how to embed new features into any existing application.

They cover many topics such as Android Wear, Google computer engine, Google APIS, etc. this is a central place for every developer where they can get applications according to their need which is required to build software.


Why have Google Codelabs been designed?

Google code lab is designed to help google engineers in developing code in google. Therefore they use google infrastructure along with google best practices.

I think it was an initiative started by Google to spread the importance of coding to people.


Google Codelabs in India?

Google has started its first code labs in Andhra Pradesh in India. Andhra Pradesh government established google code labs to boost the IT industry of their state. there were no google code labs in the whole of India before it.

For this work, global IT Gaint Google has selected Vasireddy Venkatadari Institute of Technology to set up his labs.

First, Google had sent its expert team whose work is to visit the VVIT campus and finalize plans. They have discussed this with students after visiting campus. VVIT also has got recognition according to the center of Excellence by the Andhra Pradesh government.

After Making this lab, it will be beneficial for students of all India who want to make their career in technology and coding.


How to take admission in code labs?

If you want to become part of google code labs, you will have to provide some information before it.

Because as we know, everybody wants to become part of this program, the company does not have such resources to enroll all the students. In this situation, they have some eligibility criteria to become participants.

Coding is a subject that only people are required to go to who are interested in this. Otherwise, it can be harder for them. Along with this, you must have strong mathematics skills and critical thinking as well.

If you have these skills, your coding can become better. And the most important thing is you should have an open mind because if you don’t have the greed of learning new things, you cannot keep pace with technology.

If you have the skills above mentioned, you can apply to the above-mentioned program and if not you must start preparing now. Who knows that you will also be selected for this program.


Why Google code labs has been prepared?

The main reason for preparing google code lab is to give coding experiences and development options. With this, they can easily learn it.


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I hope that you have liked my article google code labs I always try to make sure how to provide readers with a unique article about how to take admission to google code labs so that they won’t need to find more on another site about this same topic.

With this, their time is saved and they will get information from one place. If you have any questions or problems regarding this article, you can comment below.

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