What is google trend and how it is helpful for blogging?

JaniVishal, Friday, April 9, 2021
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What is google trend and how it is helpful for blogging?


Do you know that what is google trends ?.  if no, then I am going to tell you today about this subject. When you write a post for your blog, then you will do keyword research before it. we find keywords by doing keyword research generally.  And it has been tried to give information as they want. Likewise, google trends help us to find keywords.


We all know that what is seo and how much important for blogging. Keywords research is also a part of SEO.


Most bloggers want that they would get a keyword research tool that helps them to find the good keyword. And can get succeed to rank their every post.


What are google trends?

Google trend is a tool that records the changes that happen with time and shows us in the form of a graph. This tool also shows us that which people searched how many times from which location. With this, we will get the help to know that we will get an advantage from that keyword or not. Therefore this a very different type of tool that shows us the changes that are happening with time.


What is the meaning of trends?

Yes, you are absolutely correct!  If people like the things most in time, then that thing is called trending at that time. And it keeps changing with time.


There are some keywords their importance will be reduced with time and traffic will become like zero. So from google keywords, we can also do a comparison between two keywords that which one is better. With this, it also becomes clear that which keyword will help traffic stay in the blog. It does not mean of the post that you have written it and left for always.  We should keep updating that with the time and any keyword is on trend at that time, we should try to implement it if it is relevant.


Google trends record the search of every hour. And shows us that the search of keywords is when increasing and reducing. When you see on google trends it will show keyword performance according to your will.

Establishment of google trends:-

As the name itself tells that google trends, it is started by the google platform. First, it was started as the name of google insights search on 5 august 2008 by google. On 27 December 2012 google has changed its name from google insights to google trends. Google trends show us the all information that happens in google. in this way, people associated with every niche can easily find out information about their targeted keyword.

How does the google trend work?

There are many tools like this that are used for seo means search engine optimization. There are some tools that are free and some are paid.  If you spend some time doing keyword research in that tools, then it will be easier for you to understand how google trend works.

First of all, you need to understand  that you find keywords from paid tools or find out the competitor keyword that shows us the data on the basis of trend, search volume, and competition.

Google trends will give you information on any keyword from 2004 to just before one hour.  This shows all the information in the graph.  Insert your targeted keyword in the search query box.  Choose Whatever country you want to choose.  In this, you will have to select a time period also for seeing data from how many times to how many times.


Now select the category of the keyword. After that, image, news, youtube which platforms result in you want to see select them. It will show you the result in the form of a graph increase or decrease in that particular time period. With this, it will also show you related topics and related queries.


Benefits of google trends:-

This tool gives many benefits to bloggers and website owners in many ways. The real purpose of making a website or blog is to it can be conveyed to more and more people. Because where are the people, the popularity of blog will increase. With this, revenue will increase.


1. Keyword comparison:-

We can compare keywords with google trends. You can select the best keyword for your business or blog. You can see in this which keyword is more searched from many different keywords of the same topic.


2. Interest by region or subregion:-

There are peoples in every corner of the world whose preference is different according to their place. If you want you can easily know their choices.  Suppose that you want to bring traffic from the UK, US, then you will need to know that what is running in the form of a trend there.  Then you can select the best keyword, which is more searched by that place people.  Now, you can write high-quality content on the basis of keywords. If you are an expert in search engine optimization, then you can easily bring heavy traffic to your blog from there.


3. Real-time data:-

This tool tracks real-time data according to the time which is beneficial for your business. With this, we can know that what is being selected today.


4.  Best content creation:-

It also benefits from the google tool that we can get help to write better and high-quality content.  From here, by using the best keywords, you are able to write high-quality content on the topic that is liked in the middle of the logo.  And when your content is high quality, you will definitely get traffic.

These tools are the solution to every problem of keyword research. There are many uncountable advantages of using this keyword. Which helps to increase the popularity of blogs. In the beginning, it will take time to use and to know it. but if you become a master in it, then you will become strong in seo as well.


Thank you for reading my article if you have any questions or suggestions comment below, we will get back to you shortly.

4/5 - (1 vote)

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