What is Motherboard And How does it work?

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What is Motherboard And How does it work?

The motherboard is the main printed circuit board of the computer. it can also be known as the central communication backbone connectivity point of the computer.

All components internal and external are connected to the computer through this. it supplies power to all parts of the computer and it helps to communicate with each other.

But at this time, motherboards are changed therefore there are many new features have been added to them.

What is the motherboard?

The motherboard is the backbone of the computer. it connects every computer with each other.

You can compare it with the human skeleton both works similarly.

Users can decide which motherboard is best for them on the basis of performance and their needs.

The components of the motherboard are CPU, RAM, Graphics Card, TV Card, Hard Disk, etc. these all need to be connected to the motherboard first

So that it can provide a power supply to these all components.

how to find out what motherboard you have

What are motherboards made of?

it is mostly made of copper and fibreglass and almost all electronics are made of it. below are the components that complete the motherboard.

  • Fibreglass (fire-resistant glass-reinforced epoxy, this is the “substrate”)
  • Copper (for PCB traces)
  • Steel (for some component leads and connector housings)
  • Solder (probably lead-free for a modern board)
  • Silicon (IC dies)
  • Aluminium (for any heatsinks excluding the CPU cooler, it may include copper)
  • Epoxy resin (for IC encapsulation)
  • Gold (for electrical contacts and IC bond wires)
  • Ferromagnetic materials (for VRM power inductors)
  • Plastic (RAM slots, expansion slots, graphics card slots, etc.)
  • Ceramic compounds (small capacitors)


The motherboard comes with so many functions and here we will discuss its important functions of it.

Components Hub

it works like the backbone of the computer. it installs CPU, RAM, Hardisk and Graphics, and other parts of the computer.

Slots for New Devices

it allows you to add new device components for the computer if you want to expand RAM, you can install RAM on your computer.

Power Supply

The motherboard supplies power to all the components of the computer so that the computer can run smoothly.

Data Flow

It works as the communication hub with the help of it all its peripherals connecting with each other. it also ensures that all peripherals are communicating with each other rightly.


This is needed when we want to boot up our computer. BIOS is the program and microprocessor of the computer that starts the computer system when we turn on the power.


How to find out what motherboard you have?

to check your motherboard, first, go to search by typing (Windows+S) then type run in the search box or type Windows+R and type “msinfo32 ” on it and press enter.

Now you will see the baseboard product is the model number but to see the full name of your motherboard

Or you can download third-party software CPUZ and then check the motherboard option, here it will show you the model number of your motherboard too.


I have explained everything about what is motherboard and its functions of it. if you liked this article then share it with your friends.

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