What is mouse and how many types of it?

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What is mouse and how many types of it?

I think maybe most people are definitely using a computer but do you know what is mouse and how many types of it?  if you are using a computer then you must know the meaning of the mouse and how does it work as well?

Other devices such as a monitor, keyboard, and speaker are also there, but the mouse is very different from these all. It controls all types of things on the screen, so before purchasing it let’s know about it.

We all know that we are surrounded by technology from all four sides. The work that we do in our daily routine is connected with technology in somewhat form. Technology not only makes our work easy but also makes our work done faster with which a lot of time is saved.

Do you know which is the most important device to operate a computer? If you are thinking about the mouse then you have assumed absolutely right because all the activities that are done in the mouse can only be controlled by a mouse.

And it is also important to know how many types of mouse?. There are many types of the mouse on the market that is used according to our needs. Now, let us start with our main topic what is a mouse and the types of mice.


What is the mouse?

The mouse is an input device. This is a pointing device that is used to interact with the computer.  Using the mouse is for choosing different items, and opening and closing any page from inside the computer screen.

 The user gives orders to do some work or task by using the mouse. The computer user can reach anywhere inside the computer screen by using this.

There are many models in the mouse and there are many different features and connectivity in it. but all models have the same two clicks and one scroll wheel at the end. There are many different interfaces of the mouse, which means that it is the medium of connecting with a computer or any other device.


What is the full form of The mouse?

The full form of the mouse is a manually operated utility for selecting equipment.


The definition of the mouse?

The mouse is a small pointing device that is used by computer the user after keeping it on the desk surface.

With the help of it,  on the display screen point, select, click, drag, drop and scroll can be done. And the mouse is also called a pointer.


Who invented the computer mouse?

The mouse is originally said an XY position indicator that is used in the display system. Douglas Engelbart invented it in 1963.

He was working in Xerox parc at that time. That became populated at that time and could be seen by us in the form of a pointing device on the computer.


Processes of the mouse

1 . Moving the mouse cursor

It is the primary function of the mouse. Moving the cursor.

2.  Open or Execute a program

Users can open or execute any icon, folder, or program by using the mouse.

3.  Select

The mouse is used to select text and can be used for selected highlights.

4. Drag-and-Drop

Users can drag and drop any document easily.

5. Hover

Hover can be done over the object by using the mouse. The meaning of hover is whenever you bring the cursor above any object then all the information regarding that will be shown.

6. Scroll

You can scroll big documents up and down by using the mouse.


The types of mouse interface

The different interface has been developed over time as technology became advanced. There is some interface that is given below.


Serial mouse

That is the oldest type of mouse that is not working anymore. But you can see it in some machines in government offices.

There is a serial connector which is required a free serial port to connect with the computer. This is a typically coded type of mouse that takes power to operate itself from the serial port.

This serial mouse is also referred to as a cold-pluggable, which means it should only be connected to the computer when the computer is switched off.


PS/2 Mouse

That ps/2 mouse is the upper version of the serial mouse.  People have attracted more behind it after it came. That can be purchased now because it is still available in the market and also you will get the option to connect it to the motherboard.


USB mouse

If we talk about this time we are using a USB interface type mouse that required a free USB port. It is either corded or wireless. It is hot-pluggable in the serial PS/2 counterpart.

It means you can use it in the running condition of the computer. There is no risk neither to the mouse or to the computer.


Wireless mouse

Cordless or wireless mice transmit the data via infrared radiation or radio (means Bluetooth) medium. A serial or USB port is used to connect the receiver to the computer here or a built-in part such as Bluetooth is used.

Today’s modern Non-Bluetooth wireless mouse uses USB receivers. Where it can be stored safely inside the mouse or somewhere is a “nano” receiver available that is designed somewhat types that can be kept always connected to the laptop or the system device.


The basic design of the mouse

You may have used the mouse if you are using the computer. This mouse can be seen on the right or left side of the computer.

A little space is required to operate it.


1. left the main button

That left button comes below your left hand’s thumb which is the main button and this is mostly used in the computer.

2.  Wheel button

It is used to scroll and document the page that is given or shown inside the computer.

3. Right button

 This right button is used for doing special operations and is also used to see the context menu or shortcut.

4.  Mouse Body

The mouse is somewhat of the size of soap. you give all weight of your hands to the mouse body and use the mouse button using your hands.

5. Special Buttons

Besides this, the mouse also has some special features that can be used while surfing on the internet and for using another specific function.


The types of the mouse

1. Corded mouse

A corded mouse is directly connected to the computer via a cable. It takes power from the port where it is connected, which means there are no requirements for external batteries. A corded mouse possesses more accuracy because it does not have more issues like low performance because of network interference or low batteries.


2. Cordless/Wireless mouse

The cordless mouse is a call that does not need any kind of cable wire and it uses wireless technology to transfer data and to connect to the computer.

It is best fitted for that place where you get trouble using the cable for example while traveling.

There is a requirement for batteries to operate that type of mouse. It is heavy because of having a battery.


3. Mechanical mouse

A mechanical mouse is also known as a ball mouse because there are many rollers and a ball inside it to track the movement.

This type of mouse is typically a corded variety and is not much popular as an optical mouse. The performance of this mouse is very fast but you will be required to clean it on the time.


4. Optical mouse

An optical mouse uses optical electronics to track the mouse’s position and movement. It also got the status of the standard mechanical mouse because it is more reliable than others and also it needs less maintenance.


How does the ball computer mouse work?

When we roll our ball mouse on the desk, the roll which is below it also starts rolling with its weight and the two plastic rollers that are linked with thin wheels make that go away.

One wheel from these both detects up and down directions such as the y-axis, any graph or chart paper: and the second wheel detects side-to-side movements.

How now the question is how that wheel detects your hand’s movements.

Whenever you move your mouse, the ball moves the rollers itself,  one or two-wheel will move in this situation.


Disadvantages of ball mouse

There are many problems with it. such as it does not work on every surface. Therefore it needs a special mouse mat.

Even if you have a mat, the rubber ball and its rollers start becoming nasty gradually. Therefore you must have to keep it clean and you also have the second option of using an optical mouse.



as advancement is done in technology, the mouse is also included in this line. Where we used to use ball mice, their wireless mouse is used.

Steadily the use of the mouse can also be stopped because if Artificial intelligence demand may increase then we may just speak and everything would be done. Now the demand for voice commands is increasing.

Peoples need more services because they don’t want to use their hands to do any work. In that situation, we can say that in the future we might be talking about mice.

But there is a lot of time left to happen this thing in the future. Let’s see what kind of things will be brought in the future.

Thank you for reading my article if you have any questions comment below we will get back to you shortly with the answer.

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