What is software its type and how is it made?

JaniVishal, Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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What is software its type and how is it made?

What is software? Probably it is not necessary to tell you; because anyone who uses a smartphone or computer, they might have known about this word. A few years ago, when human was aware of computer, that time you would be a small child.

But after the arrival of the computer, our life has changed completely. We had become such lazy that we are doing all our work with the help of a computer or smartphone. There is no mistake in it because with this computer our life has become easy.

If we see a computer, it is an electronic device that can perform many operations together. For instance,  many computations, even with very fast speed, may not have done by any other ordinary machine or our human brain.


This is made from many physical and tangible components which can be touched or felt by us, they are called hardware, and such programs and commands which run hardware, they are called software.


You are reading right this article which is also being read by a software which is known as a web browser.

Likewise, the computer is made from two things, hardware, and software. Like hand, feet, nose, eyes are the hardware of our life that can be touched by us, and kindness, love, attraction all are the software that cannot be touched by us.


In today’s time, all the mobile devices such as mobile, desktop, laptop all have software programs. So let’s know what is called software.


What is software?

Software is a collection of many programs that perform a specific task of the computer.

All the tasks that we do on our computer are done only through this computer. The software is referred to a set of instructions that are fed into the form of programs so that they can govern the entire computer system and also process other hardware components.


These are the commands which drive the hardware. MS word in which we do some type. Photoshop in which we do edit photos. Chrome with which we can access the internet.



The definition of software:-

The software which is also called computer software is actually some programs that enable users to do certain tasks. It actually directs the computer system or its peripheral devices to do some work and also tells how to do that work.


In fact, the software plays a big and vital role between a use and computer hardware. A user cannot do any type of work even if he wants without having software on the computer.


Who makes the software?

Software is mostly made by software developers.  This software developer where they work is called a software product development company. Software is made according to the need of the user there.


Why can’t we touch nor see software?

We can neither see software nor touch with the hands.  This is because it does not have a physical form, it is a virtual object that can only be understood we never run our computer and mobile without any software application.






AVG, housecall, McAfee, Norton


Itunes, google play music

Device Drivers

Computer drivers


Outlook, thunderbird


Madden, NFL Football, Quake, World of Warcraft

Internet browser

Firefox, google chrome,  internet explorer



What is a programming language?


If we talk about the programming language, then it is such a type of language with which computer software or application is made.  There are many keywords, functions,  and rules that stay in it.  we write such type of program through these rules , that programs are understood by the computer and perform some instructions given.


We can also say that software is made by using the programming language. For instance, c, c++, JAVA, PHP, MY SQL, .NET, COBOL, and FOXPRO all are the name of programming languages.


You are seeing as many applications in the playstore or on the internet, these all are developed by programming language. We write programs with the help of this.


What are the program and instructions?

The program is made after mixing many instructions. Programming language is used to write these all programs. You may have read in your college that “ write a program to check whether the number is prime or not” this is an example of a program.


You must have seen that there were calculators on the computer.  In this, you can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Now calculator is software here, while in it separate programs for addition, separate programs for subtraction, similar programs are written for multiplication and division. When these four programs are added in one place, then a big program is created, which is called software.


What is called instruction?

There is a code of 4 to 5 lines in the program. Which does the small work of software. Which is called instruction.  All lines in the instruction are called commands.


Who are called programmers?

Who writes the programs are called programmer. At the same time, they have programming skills. Which they use according to the need. 

A software company hires many programmers on the job. Who works for them.  The programmer gets a small part of the software, he works on it all for almost 6 months to 1 year. The company does the crores of deals to make software. In this, some parts get to the programmer in the form of salary.


Which system is software?

If you want to know which thing is called the software the system, then these all are operating systems, BIOS, device firmware, etc.


What is the difference between system software and application software?

System software is a type of software that works in the form of an interface between application software and system.  At the same time, application software is a software that works according to the request of the user. This runs in a platform that is provided by system software.


How mobile software is killed?

Mobile software is called uninstalling it means removing it.  the meaning of kill is removing it from the mobile.


What happens when you kill software on mobile?

Killing software means you are removing that software from the mobile permanently.  If we don’t need that software or for any reason, we do not want to use that software, then it is uninstalled from the mobile.


How do we maintain software?


To maintain software, you will need to check its functional ability. You have to update that software regularly with this, because there are no fewer hackers in the online world therefore it is saved from them, along with that, if that the software has some bugs or errors in functioning, then to fix it other drivers or software is used.


Can I download software for free?


Yes, you can download a lot of software free of cost. You will get many software download sites on the internet from where you can download software free of cost.


Thank you for reading my article if you have any question of suggestion you can comment below we will get back to you shortly.

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