What should be done before posting blog?

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What should be done before posting blog?

I think that the question that must come to the mind of most content creators when they have written their blog fully, then what things should be taken special care of before publishing. At last, all bloggers might have worried about their blog post sometime of the other.

It is necessary whenever we write any good content, then we are in haste to publish it as soon as possible. Like we think that how early we can post that post and take a sigh of relief, but we forget a very important thing here if we give more attention to something then we can make our post better and can convey it to more and more people easily.


Let’s see some things before the discussion

1. You are so excited to publish your content that you cant press publish button.

2.  You are thinking that you have given your best in this post and there is no way available to make it better.

3.  You want to publish it early because you believe that checking more quality will be only a waste of time.

How would you feel?  If I say that your post could be better and could have conveyed to more people if you did not give much importance to publishing but instead, optimize it.

Writing a good post is one-third part of the writing part and two third is optimizing it with the right method, which if anyone reads it, will be stunned. Now let’s see what should be done before publishing a blog post so that it can be conveyed to more audiences.


1. How to make your first draft and how to increase the number of last words

Note that if you want to create the best content that will be valuable for your readers and also if you want to make it popular. But for this, it is required to have a vision. It is not easy to write your first draft.

For that, you will have to spend time. It is found in research that at least 6 to 8 hours is required to write a good article and then it has the potential to go viral. And if you have created your draft then you will have to take special care of it.


Check these given things carefully

1. Proofread your article

keep your article as much as free from grammatical mistakes and remove the mistakes of spellings. Because just a small spelling mistake can spoil your online reputation. Most editors like MS word do good work in writing an article. In this, you will need to use auto-suggesting of spellings and with which your grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes can be removed. But also it has some mistakes that can be removed if you use paid software like Grammarly can find the smallest mistake as well.

2. As I have said before that you should use paid software like Grammarly. There are many benefits of using it such as it being a good grammatical errors detector, it can catch plagiarism, and also provides a human proofreading service.

3. You can ask people who don’t have any relation with blogging. It often happens that when we are connected with this blogging industry, we could not see our own mistakes and ignore them.

But if other readers don’t have any relation with blogging, then they can easily find a mistake when they read our article. With this, if the tone of your article is not good that too is known.


2. SEO is not finished yet, nor is keyword targeting

You can be a big brand. Your product can be helpful for many peoples. But when it comes to your blog, then you will have to target some keywords with which traffic can always come to your blog. People will keep coming to your blog through their search engines.

Therefore if you have targeted some keywords to your blog, then people will automatically start coming to your blog from search results. There are many such types of brands that don’t pay much attention to SEO, due to which they have to bear heavy losses.


3. Add relevant links to your articles:-

It is essential to add important links to our blog. This is like, providing communication facilities to a stranger in a designated place. They will get direction with it. in the same way, it makes it easier for search bots to communicate in your article.

For your information, I have told you more about this type of link below.  Read it this will be helpful for you.


a)  internal links

These are called links which connect one page to another page of the website with the help of hyperlinks.  Here both domains are the same.

The work of the internal links is to pass SEO juice to other older posts and rank posts easily.  It reduces the bounce rate of blogs after providing relevant information on an additional page to a reader. internal links work like SEO-friendly backlinks in your blog.

Therefore we should check before publishing a post whether the internal link is linked in the blog post rightly or not. New articles must be linked to old ranked articles.


b) External links

these links are called where two web pages which are of the separated blog are connected among themselves. External links help you to give information about relevant information in your posts. With this, the relevancy of your content is increased more in the eyes of search bots because they can see good content in your posts.

For instance, if you are writing an article about the Olympics but you have not given any link to the official site then it will be considered irrelevant.


4. Doing image optimization in the right way

It is said that attractive images can express thousands of words themselves. Likewise, in blogging, image is responsible for many SEO factors. If images are optimized in a good way, then they can take more traffic with them. With this, images become a symbol of your brand, if it is used in the right way.


5. Check Meta tags of search engines

Your metadata is like ad copy. you should take special care of whatever content is written in your meta tag should be absolutely right. Therefore try to keep your metadata under 155 characters and post title under 55 characters.

You can write more than this but won’t be shown to search engines. You can use WordPress SEO plugins in your blog post to optimize.


6. Optimize your blog post to social shares

 As we all know that social share will increase the reach of our blog post. Therefore you have to optimize your posts with that more and more audiences will socially share your blog posts. Make sure that all bloggers must know how to execute social media strategy.


7.  Make author bio attractive:-

If you are a solo blogger then you can write an attractive author bio for yourself. Which will represent better about you to the audience. If you have a brand then it is necessary to give credit to your content author because they will get a good identity by doing this.

Along with this, you must add their social buttons like Twitter handles, Facebook handles, etc this other readers can connect with them personally.


Thank you for reading my article if you have any question or doubt you can ask us through comment, we will get back to you with an answer shortly.

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