What should be done to get succeed in long term blogging

JaniVishal, Tuesday, July 26, 2022


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Do you like your blog? Are you happy after selecting blogging as a career? If your answer is right then you have selected the right decision of selecting blogging as a career. Because blogging is not a job to do in short term. If you want to get successful in it, you will have to invest time and power. And then you will be successful in it.

There are many bloggers who start their blogging every day. In the beginning, they have much confidence, and also do their work with enthusiasm.  After that, you will get successful.

If seen, there are many bloggers who start their blogging every day.  They have much enthusiasm at the beginning. He does his work with great enthusiasm.  As they get good support from their reader, it will give them more and more enthusiasm. But this type of enthusiasm for not so long because by doing the same work again and again steadily their enthusiasm starts reducing.

They start using the wrong ways to get early success in the process which appears in their work. As a result, their viewers start decreasing.  This type of new blogger can stay blogging for a maximum of 6 months.

If seen, blogging is not different from other hobbies.  This is very obvious that short-term goals are not among those to last long. If do your all effort at the beginning, your all power will be completed in the beginning and you cannot work with enthusiasm later.

Now you may have understood that without having long terms goals short-term goals are meaningless. Therefore I will tell you about what to do to get success in long-term goals.


What is long-term blogging?

You all must know about blogging.  Likewise, long-term blogging is not any other thing this just a way to see blogging as a career.  Until we do something in anything, we don’t get success is meaning of saying the long term is here. 

For instance, if I say that you have to reduce your weight, you will have to obey all orders that are given by your gym trainer otherwise you won’t get success.


Sustainable long-term goals:-

If you want to achieve any long-term goal, you will have to obey some rules that will help you to achieve your goal.

You have to remember one thing always things can’t be achieved without doing hard work, we have to try that and have to keep patience.  Today I will give you some tips which can help you to get succeed in long-term blogging.


Doing blogging can take time:-

I talk about blogging then patience is the biggest quality that should have been in bloggers. Blogging is not a one-night process.  Patience, dedication, and passion are required for that.

As we plant a plant, it takes time to grow, it has to be taken care of, it has to be watered in time, and the grass growing around it has to be cleaned.  Only after then, that plant will become a healthy tree in a few years.

In the same way, you have to give time to your blog,  insert regular content on it, and promote your content strategically. To do all that time is needed. Remember that if your blog is moving slowly with time, then you are moving in the right direction.

When you start blogging,  then your blog probably receives less traffic. Even for a few months, the traffic May not come. But if you do work with patience then you will get so much traffic that even you want to handle it. having patience is very much important because once getting traffic started, you will get traffic regularly to your website.


Don’t do hasty and don’t use the wrong ways:-

There are many bloggers who use the wrong ways to be famous as early as possible. They even use black hat Hacking techniques and aggressive manual backlink building. It might give you a good result but not for a long time.


Whatever techniques you use should be normal and natural. And link building should be natural. Even, if you don’t get immediate results, it will be very helpful in the long term. If possible, stay away from that all the quick techniques because they will not help you in long term.


Keep an eye on everything:-

One thing we should take care of is that we should monitor all the information related to us. Such as analytics, Alexa rank, Domain authority, etc. if you monitor all things, then you will get to know about your blog’s situation of increasing or decreasing traffic. Your content is most important to you therefore you must activate google analytics as soon as possible.

Once you notice your blog improvement, it will become a motivational source for you. And also the comments of readers create a good impact on the blogger.

You can set a goal in your blogging journey with which you will always know about your goals. Because without any goal,  you will not get the inspiration to work every day.

You will get the feeling that you are not going anywhere. As if your life is stopped in one place, which is definitely not good for a long-term blogger.


Make your network:-

If you are just writing your content and publishing it, then you are living a boring life because the blogging journey will be very long and it is better to work with a network instead of working alone so that they won’t let you feel alone.


If seen, there are many advantages of making a network.


1. you can share your ideas with them.

2. you can start new ventures that were not possible to do before.

3. You can get quality backlinks

4. You get traffic.

5. You will become popular in your field and will come in contact with other famous peoples.


If you write anything good, your praising will happen among the network with which you will feel good. If we think about the long term there are many advantages of it like you can share your experience with them. Along with this, at the time of need, they will give their supportive hand to you. Long-term blogging can be boring and monotonous without a network.


Increase brand value:-

There is no other best thing than branding in the world of online. This is not much, it means just giving a good name to your blog.

You have to assure people that what you are doing is not a spam or lie but you are adding some value to the online world. With it, people can rely on you and can follow you.

The best thing you will get from this is that people will see all your things and will use them. when you will become a good brand, your name will be in your own field.

Even if you make many blogs by using brands of your own people will always follow you. If seen, it is a good thing for long-term blogging.


Track the performance of your competitors:-

You must know about your competitor even if you are from any field. In the same way, if we want to make blogging a long-term career. If we want to compete with them, it is necessary to have knowledge about that. What they write,  how they write and what is their unique strategy, how they earn money and how do they promote, etc.

If we know everything about these things, we can go ahead by doing more work. If we have to work on this for a long time it will be a boon for us in the future.


Design is also important with the content:-

If you are writing good content this is much better because this is the most important thing for blogging. But do you know that just writing is not everything, we have to add good designs inside our blog along with that because whenever any visitor will come to our blog he will see the design of the blog firstly.

One thing you must have heard is that what you see is sold. And this thing is also important for blogging. If the design of your blog is simple, the selection of color is not good, and the image you are using is not attractive then it is normal that anyone will not like to read that type of content.

With this, if you use attractive images, it will help you in your social media sharing. If you want to do blogging for a long time then start giving importance to design along with content because people like to see both.


Write evergreen content and keep it updated:-

Evergreen and evergreen content is the best way to make yourself succeed. This is because it stays always and it will stay new for a fresh reader. If we think about other content it has not much life span.

Therefore I would like to say that write the type of content which will alive for always. For example, if you write an article about any great person like Mahatma Gandhi, it will be searched even thousands of times or always. This type of content will be a boon for the blogger after. Now your work is to make updated that type of content on time.


Backup and security measures should be taken care of:-

Backup and security these both things are very much important for any blog. If we see, they both are not equal. The meaning of backup is making an extra copy of your data and saving it inside any cloud server so that when you need it, you can recover that content from there.

The meaning of saying security measure is that you increase the security of your blog so that no other person can hurt your blogging. Or making your blog hack-proof so that the risk of your blog being hacked will become less.  Like limiting logging attempts from one IP.

By using this method we can secure our blog for the long term which will help us to do long-term blogging.


Always keep increasing your knowledge:-

 Blogging is never going to be ended journey which will give you the inspiration to learn something new. This is so much knowledge-giving journey. In this, you yourself can learn a lot of things and you can provide unique content to your reader along with this.

You will have to take your blog to the next level with time. You will always have to learn something new to do this in your niche so that you can share it with your reader.



Yes, it will take some time to learn these all things but they will remain with you for a lifetime and will be helpful for you. In the beginning, you can face some difficulties but after we can learn a lot ourselves.

Thank you for reading my article if you have any questions or any doubt you can comment below I will get back to you shortly.


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