Zombie Retreat Apk Final Version Free 2024

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Zombie Retreat Apk Final Version Free 2024

Zombie Retreat Apk is a mixer of Action, RPG, and Zombies so, therefore, you will really going to enjoy this game if you are playing it for the first time.You know that role-playing, action, and adven

Name Zombie Retreat
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Version V1.0.4
Size 684MB
Genre Game
Publisher Siren
Google Play Link com.Zombie Retreat.game

Zombie Retreat Apk is a mixer of Action, RPG, and Zombies so, therefore, you will really going to enjoy this game if you are playing it for the first time.

You know that role-playing, action, and adventure are one of the best gaming categories because it gives you quality graphics and a unique and interesting story.

Also, you will learn many things like how to get out of the pressure and worrying situations if you play these types of games.

What is Zombie Retreat Apk?

If you are new I mean if you are playing this game for the first time then let’s tell you the story of this game there is one shocking incident that happened in one city,

where a new virus is spreading rapidly which converts every human into a zombie if the infected person bites you and you are the savior hero in this game, you will have to save the whole city from the attack of the virus in this game.

The game will start in the jungle where you are not alone there are many people with you and suddenly you will get to know about the situation in your city.

zombie retreat game


There are many features of the Zombie Retreat Apk game but we have only provided features which is unique so that you will get all the useful information.

Graphics based on Pixel

If you have ever played games of 90s games then those graphics were known as pixel graphics.But now every game comes with 3D graphics and there are very few games available that give pixel graphics

And it could be the reason for the Zombie’s Retreat game is becoming more famous. And if you have played Super Mario or pokemon games of the 90s then Zombie Retreat has the same graphics.

Complete Level

RPG games have only one thing which is unique which is you have to complete the first level in order to reach the second level.

It means if you don’t complete the first level by playing it then you can’t play the second level.

Amazing Characters

There are many amazing characters in Zombie Retreat Apk also you can see female characters in this game with male characters.

This game is completely free to download and play you don’t need to pay anything or no need to create an account in order to play this game.

You can install and remove this game at any time if you don’t like or you can keep playing if you like.

Big Maps

The map in the Zombie Retreat Apk is very big because you can see multiple locations and also, identify from where other players or zombies are coming near to you.

Romance Scenes

If you are a fan of romance scenes, especially inside the game then Zombie Retreat is the best option for you.

You can easily go on relationship with any character or whatever survivor you find in this game but your main work is to keep yourself away from zombies and also complete the levels.

Can I update Zombie Retreat Apk?

Yes, it can be updated in two ways first you need an update when you get an official notification regarding the update, or simply bookmark our website

whenever a new update will be released, it can be downloaded from our website.

game zombie retreat

Wrapping Up

Well, Zombie’s Retreat is best for 90s game lovers because the graphics quality is not very good and also if you play it for the first time you may not like it.

But also remember that it is an old graphics game but it will still give you a very good gaming experience. Thank you for reading our article we hope that we have given you

all the useful information about Zombie Retreat Apk if you want to ask any questions or suggestions comment below

Or contact us through the form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.And also don’t forget to share this article with your friends with a view to supporting us.

Download Zombie Retreat v.V1.0.4 [684MB ]
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