Why plagiarism checker tool is important for bloggers?

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Why plagiarism checker tool is important for bloggers?

No one likes duplicate or plagiarized content, either whoever he is a scholar or any blogger. Therefore people find online plagiarism checker tools. Why plagiarism checker tool is important for bloggers Because we can never see the originality of content in plagiarized content, therefore it can’t be called authentic content.


If you are a blogger then google will reject your plagiarized content completely. Now the question is how to check that the content is plagiarized or not. Now I have to tell you that there are many tools available paid and free on the internet with which you can check whether your content is plagiarism-free or not.


What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism means stealing the idea of somebody or copying their article without taking their permission and using it on our site.

For instance,  if you are writing such type of content in your blog and taking some ideas from popular blogs. and if you are doing it without giving reference or credit to the author, it will be known as plagiarized content.

We have seen many bloggers who take ideas from different blogs and write with themselves in their articles, it is also called plagiarism. In this situation, if you are serious about blogging, you should not do these all things.

But you need to focus on writing articles according to your own.


What is a plagiarism checker?

A plagiarism checker is such type of tool that is available on the internet and you can check any document with the help of it that is in duplicate or plagiarized content.

Here, this checker tools scan the internet to find whether any content or phrases are the same as this content or not.  And even some of them are the most attractive plagiarism checker they easily can find equality in words as well.


Why plagiarism checker tool is important for bloggers?

The plagiarism checker is used to check the originality of a written article. By using this, you can easily cross-check text for duplicated content. Doing these all things manually is impossible therefore plagiarism checker is used to doing these all tasks easily.


There is a list of plagiarism checker sites

1. Copyscape:-

Copyscape is the best tool to check plagiarism and it is providing a free service checking. By using this tool, you can easily get to know about stealing content after checking for plagiarism.

In this, you have to type the URL of the original content and the rest work will be done by Copyscape itself. But you can select a maximum  5 to 6 articles on the website which is the limitation of this tool. Usually, Copyscape offers free service but it also offers paid service with more advanced work like you can check as many as URL you want.


2. Google:-

Google is also used as a plagiarism checker. Many people may not know about this but you can use a google search engine to check for plagiarism. It does not work like a tool but it will show you many things about your article.

In this, you can check some paragraphs of your article and you have to copy the content of the article and have to paste it on the google search engine. By this, Google will show you copied results but it won’t show you where you have copied from where.


3. Quetext:-

Quetext is one of the best online plagiarism checker tools for Hindi and English articles. Its free version is also good but there is some limitation to the free version. You can also use the paid version of this.

The user interface of this tool is amazing and the method of using it is also very easy. In this, you can easily see copied text with red underlined text and see the percentage as well. Quetext is a safe plagiarism checker to use.


4. Plagiarism detector:-

Plagiarism detector is a good plagiarism checker online tool for the Hindi language on the internet, and the best thing is it is absolutely for use.

It is amazing in hearing but it is right that this best plagiarism checker tool is totally free.  It means you are not required to pay anything for using this tool. Just you need to copy and paste your content into this.

In these plagiarism checker tools, you also get the option of checking deep or through checking. With this, you can get some extra level and additional results.


5. Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports is also one of the greatest plagiarism checkers. The main reason it this uses Google’s exact search, which means every individual sentence is searched to see in google that is there any matching sentence in it or not.

This tool is good with a view to checking small paragraphs. But if you want to check any article, you will not get more facility in it. and even you can’t see the plagiarized content highlighted

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6. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is online software that can detect plagiarism easily and is completely free. You are able to check the articles of your blogs by using this. And also you can check the articles of your blog easily.

It is also very easy to use that provides you instant results within seconds. You can copy and paste content in this if you want or you can upload it.

It is better for you to register for this if you want to use it regularly. Unregistered users get just 1 search daily and registered users can do 50 searches daily here.



These are some best online tools for checking plagiarism. You are able to use these tools according to your needs. Every plagiarism checker tool has some unique features. It also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Especially for this, I have told you all the plagiarism checker tools with which you can easily use this. Why plagiarism checker tool is important for bloggers

Thank you for reading my article if you have any questions or suggestions comment below, and we will get back to you shortly. And also don’t forget to tell that which plagiarism checker tool you are using.

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